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  1. Combine your POSTS
  2. How to safely ship cards
  3. WTTF/WTB 2006-07 Topps Chrome Basketball Autos/Refractors (finders reward offered)
  4. WTTF/WTB Jerry Sloan By The Letter "O" Auto
  6. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson GU and autos wanted!!
  7. Looking for 71-2 Fleer Harlem Globetrotters (not the Cocoa Puffs version)
  8. New year ,new trades Looking for something new!!
  9. WTTF Current Timberwolves (especially Kevin Love)
  10. Clarence Weatherspoon Wantlist
  11. 2000-01 Ovation Piece of History NEEDS--Chris Webber
  12. Looking For Michael Jordan
  13. WTTF: (Lakers) Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Shaq, Kobe, West, Baylor, etc.
  14. Looking to trade all my list below for Duke Alum
  15. Ty Lawson wanted
  16. LF - Clyde Drexler
  17. alonzo mourning,hansbrough,lawson,ellington
  18. Wanted: Tom Gugliotta
  19. WTTF WNBA cards
  20. WTTF/WTB -- PATRICK EWING -- Looking to reach the 700 card mark
  21. WTTF Chauncey Billups Celtic cards
  22. Looking for current Pacers RC or autos
  23. WANTED : 2009-10 Panini Season Update Base #35, 168 - Trading G/U and Autos for them!
  24. WANTED : 2009-10 Panini Season Update Lakers Legacy Prime Relics!!!
  25. Want: Dickau, Morrison, Daye, Stockton + Former ZAGS
  26. Past And Present Autos (elusive)
  27. looking for renaldo balkman and tarence kinsey
  28. My Top JJ Redick Want List !!! PLZ IF YOU HAVE ANY PLZ LMK!!! Need for PC!!!
  29. WTTF: 2011-12 Past and Present inserts
  30. trade l james wade bosh all rookies for vintage baseball
  31. WTTF: Minnesota Lynx
  32. Looking for Shaq Rookies.....Please close thread
  33. WTTF Twolves, Hawks, Bulls
  34. looking for base and inserts of Chocolate Thunder aka Darryll Dawkins
  35. WTTF: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook RC's
  36. WTTF Miami Heat GU/Autos
  37. Basketball RC want list
  38. I want LeBron RCs
  39. Looking To Trade Players I collect
  40. Denver Nuggets RC Wantlist
  41. WTTF: Magic Johnson
  42. WTTF/WTB LaMarcus Aldridge AU (I only have baseball to trade)
  43. Looking for 2010 11 Playoff Contenders
  44. Uconn related, Bird,Moore & Cash 2012
  45. 99-00 Ovation Superstar Theatre Iverson
  46. 89 hoops David Robinson both Rc
  47. Looking for David Robinson Hoops Rookie #138
  48. Steve Delabar/jim Morris Autos
  49. Back on the Hunt for Luke Hughes
  50. Need 2008-09 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractors
  51. WTTF: Andre Iguodala RC's
  52. Looking for Stephon Marbury and few others.
  53. WTTF/WTB: Patrick Ewing, 06-07 Topps Chrome, Knicks, Syracuse, and more
  54. 1999-00 Ovation Piece of History NEEDS---Just 2 left
  55. Looking for Kobe autos
  56. WTTF: Magic Johnson
  57. WTTF/WTB B.J. (Byron) Mullens and William Buford and other recent Ohio State guys
  58. Card found, please delete
  59. Trading 2X in your favor for a John Paxson 1987-88 Fleer RC
  60. Wttf Harrison Barnes and John Henson
  61. Want Jonny Flynns
  62. WTTF: Michael Jordan Low End Cards
  63. WTTF: Minnesota Sports RC's
  64. Buying ANY kobe autos!! Will Buy of trade!!
  65. Looking for Tom Gugliotta
  66. LOOKING FOR --- 2010/11 DENNIS RODMAN Gold Standard base cards #'d/299
  67. WTTF: Scottie Pippen
  68. looking for paul george auto rc
  69. wanted: BEST lot $50 will buy
  70. WTTF: Kenneth Faried RC's
  71. WTTF/WTB BJ (Byron) Mullens and William Buford
  72. Venus Paradise NBA Color-by-number prints 1960s & 1970s
  73. WTTF Rockets + Other Wants
  74. 1992 Classic Four Sport Autos - Just Shaq to go!!!
  75. Wttf/b-birthday project-topps chrome refractors
  76. Anyone have any Ovation Jason Kidd inserts
  77. 1999 UD Century Legends Basketball Epic Signatures needed
  78. 2009-10 SP game Used Triple Thread Larry Hughes / Manu Ginobili / Mardy Collins WTTF
  79. WWT Cards for Basketball Monthly Beckett
  80. WTTF Jeremy Lamb, Chandler Harnish, Klay Thompson Autos
  81. I need help building a 2012/13 Totally Certified Basketball GOLD parallel /25 set!!
  82. Michael Jordan Wanted
  83. FS: Michael Jordan 1997 Jordan's Championship Journals Auto UDA /50 SUPER RARE
  84. WTTF Cleveland Cavaliers Listed
  85. WTTF/Buy Auto's of the following
  86. Mod-Please delete
  87. Looking for MICHAEL JORDAN CARDS
  88. looking for Shawn Kemp cards
  89. Wttf jimmy butler
  90. 1997-98 Fleer Thrill Seekers
  91. Looking to buy 2012/13 Totally Certified Gold Parallels /25 I just need a few more!!
  92. WTTF: skybox autographics 96-97. 97-98. 98-99
  93. Blake griffin topps rc
  94. WTTF: Bradley Beal Stuff
  95. Wanted - Gary Neal
  96. LF: Kenny "Sky" Walker
  97. Jamal Mashburn autos, patch/GU. numbered, rare insert etc
  98. My Basketball for your Roger Clemens cards
  99. 2012-13 Timberwolves base wants
  100. Looking to buy Kobe/Lebron base/inserts/etc.
  101. Football baseball basketball gu/auto for trade
  102. Looking for Melo in Knicks Uniform!!
  103. WTTF: 2001-02 Upper Deck Chris Andersen RC #417A/417B
  104. looking for kobe bryant's i dont have
  105. Basketball Set Needs
  106. WTT/WTB: Grant Hill and Jason Kidd Topps Finest Rookies.
  107. BUYNG: These Shannon Elizabeth cards
  108. Wanted: Low End Michael Jordan Cards
  109. Looking for WV/WVU Players (Trade Only)
  110. looking to trade for kobe cards.
  111. WTTF Ohio State basketball alumni (Especially BJ/Byron Mullens and William Buford)
  112. WTTF or Buy Grant Hill, Jason Kidd and David Robinson RC`s
  113. 2011 UD North Carolina Basketball set needs
  114. 2013 Upper Deck University of Kansas basketball cards
  115. LF: alexey shved
  116. my wantlist
  117. For a friend
  118. Basketball Wantlist (Players + Sets) Updated 4/30/2017
  119. Basketball Wantlist (Sets) Updated 1/11/2017
  120. Lookin for Lebrom James Rc (For Friend,)
  121. Looking for Clyde Drexler
  122. WTTF Van Chancellor
  123. Rashard Lewis 3 Color Jersey Card SN# 09/25
  124. WTTF Faried, Hardaway Jr, Current Bulls
  125. Looking for 2013 Upper Deck
  126. WTTF: Kenneth Faried RC's
  127. Bowman Chrome/Topps Chrome Basketball RC Wantlist
  128. shaqs d wade bosh rookies chrome lots of james wade bosh graded rookies
  129. Buying trey burke prizm - paypal ready to go
  130. Denver Nuggets RC Wantlist
  131. NBA Wantlist
  132. Looking to trade for J.J. Redick's I NEED!
  133. Looking to do team for team trades: I want your Nuggets cards
  134. Looking 4 Topps Treasury Derrick Rose Rc Auto
  135. Looking for Darrell Griffith AUTO's
  136. WTB or WTTF 2013 Upper Deck Kansas Basketball Auto's
  137. WTTF Tim Hardaway Jr
  138. WTTF Anything OKC Thunder, Really want a Nick Collison Game Used as well
  139. Looking for these three Kevin Durant Serial ID'd Cards.
  140. Need die cuts
  141. Looking for 1997 Upper Deck - The Jordan Championship Journals - CARD#20
  142. WTTF auto's
  143. 1998 UD Michael Jordan Living Legends In-Flight inserts needed
  144. Looking to buy COMMONS
  145. my wantlist
  146. Mod-Please delete
  147. WTTF: Current Denver Nuggets RCs
  148. WTTF ALL Michigan alum...
  149. Looking for Carmelo Anthony Knicks GU or Auto!!!
  150. Base Cards of these Players Wanted!
  151. 98-99 Ovation Gold wanted
  152. ***WANTED*** 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Signed Cards
  153. Looking for Anthony Davis Rookie cards (2012-13)
  154. Looking for 10-11 Upper Deck North Carolina Autographs
  155. Yearly request for 1999 UD Century Legends Epic Signatures
  156. Looking for Russell Westbrook
  157. Looking for 13/14 Intriuge Slam Ink
  158. WTTF Coach Avery Johnson - Roll Tide
  159. UD Lettermen Zach Lavine and Jordan Adams
  160. WTTF - Lebron James I don't have
  161. WTB Michael Jordan or Lebron James Autographed Auto Signed Cards
  162. Lebron James & Michael Jordan Base Cards
  163. Looking for 12/13 Contenders Silver Horford /25
  164. Here is a list of NBA players i am looking for
  165. Looking for Clyde Drexler....
  166. Looking to Trade Baseball for Jordan
  167. Looking for Clyde Drexler....
  168. Looking for: Aleksandar "Sasha" Pavlovic...
  169. Wttf Andrew Wiggins auto
  170. Chicago Bulls wanted
  171. l james rookies for trade
  172. Looking for Andrew Wiggins rookie auto
  173. WTTF: Stephen Curry RC
  174. Denver Nuggets Rookie Card Wantlist
  175. 98-99 Metal Xplosion needs
  176. Looking for Timberwolves cards
  177. Need: Mike Krzyzewski 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game Coach's Corner cards
  178. WTTF/B Chicago Bulls
  179. Looking for Clyde Drexler....
  180. Looking for Giannis Antetokounmpo ROOKIE YEAR cards!
  181. Looking for Allen Iverson Cards
  182. Looking for any Cavs cards as specified
  183. WTTF Tar Heels -B Johnson/Paige/Meeks/Hicks/Bradley/J Jackson
  184. Set completed--please delete
  185. Looking for any base Tyron Lue cards
  186. WTTF Rookies: Stockton, Robinson, Hill, Kidd, Garnett, Kobe and Durant
  187. Need David Robinson RC for pc
  188. Would like to pick up a Pippen RC for my pc
  189. Chicago Bulls wanted, Cubs for trade
  190. Looking to Buy Some Serial Numbered #'d Cards
  191. Wttf any MN Timberwolves Zach Lavine,Wiggins, Towns, Dunn and Dieng
  192. LF Twolves cards
  193. WTTF 2016/17 Hoops insets
  194. i want to trade for stephen curry cards
  195. Trading baseball in your favor for D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram
  196. Looking to buy your Low End Autos/Jerseys!!!!
  197. WTTF Caris LeVert Cards.....
  198. New HUGE list of Shaqs I need! (Updated 1/26/2018)
  199. WTTF: Nikola Jokic RCs
  200. WTT My Football for Basketball - Wants listed
  201. Looking for Current Atlanta Hawks 2015-2017 Base/Inserts/Parallels
  202. Looking for cheaper Kevin Durant stuff.
  203. Need 09-10 Panini Threads Havlicek/Bird
  204. Looking for low end base RCs of these guys
  205. Need to fill some more sets, base sets, GU sets, and AU sets.
  206. Old Basketball and Partial sets for trade for Baseball cards.
  207. WTTF: 09-10 Topps DeMar DeRozan and James Harden RCs
  208. WTTF Larry Bird and John Havlicek cards
  209. I want 2010-11 Upper Deck North Carolina Autographs
  210. WTTF: 2014-15 Gary Harris/Jusuf Nurkic RCs/parallels
  211. WTT/B Derrick Rose Topps Treasury Auto
  212. WTTF: Shawn Kemp RCs
  213. Basketball price check
  214. My Basketball Wantlist
  215. WTTF 1987-88 Fleer Basketball
  216. Looking for Celtics base, etc.
  217. WTF: Chasson Randle Stanford/Knicks
  218. WTTF NBA Zags
  219. WTTF 14/15 Panini Threads
  220. Looking for Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard inserts, relics and autos
  221. Wttf tim duncan
  222. Looking for J J Barea Dallas Mavericks !!!!
  223. Denver Nuggets Rookie Card Wantlist
  224. WTTF: 2003-04 Topps Lebron James RC/2009-10 James Harden RC
  225. Desperate for Topps Treasury Derrick Rose Auto
  226. Michael Jordan Rookie Reprint
  227. WTTF: Philadelphia 76ers AUTOGRAPHS
  228. Looking to trade 2011/2012 - present base for NOT base
  229. WTTF/WTB: 2010-11 Upper Deck North Carolina Autographs
  230. WTTF NY Knicks Auto's, Patches, Rookie Cards
  231. need 1980-81 may/washington/bibby nm to upgrade my set
  232. Please delete
  233. Want to trade for these players!
  234. needs to finish sets wtt or wtb
  235. .
  236. WTF Chicago Bulls
  237. WTB or WTT need 02-03 fleer showcase 101 & 120 & 04-05 fleer tradition
  238. 1994-95 E-motion N-Tense inserts, looking to trade for them
  239. WTTF WTB Jayson Tatum RC serial#'d /25 or less
  240. *BUYING ALL Game Used & Autographed Basketball Cards for .50 Each*
  241. WTTF: Current Minnesota Timberwolves RCs
  242. Anybody Have 1996-97 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractors For Trade?
  243. Anybody Have 1998-99 Topps Chrome Refractors For Trade?
  244. .
  245. WTTF Luka Doncic Cards
  246. Looking For Victor Oladpio; OG Anunoby
  247. WTT4: Refractors From The 90s!
  248. Current Denver Nuggets Rookie Card Wantlist
  249. Looking for any glow in the dark and hologram cards
  250. New HUGE list of Shaqs I need