View Full Version : NEW iPhone 5 Otterbox Cover for Sale

07-15-2013, 10:18 AM
Hello All!

I purchased a new iPhone 5 Otterbox Commuter case/cover online and just got it in, but it is not the same case as I have. I have a Defender case, and bought a new one to get the silicone cover - well, it is not compatible. I got a good deal on it so I will pass it on to you all if you need a new one. The color scheme is advertised as Lava Orange and Gray, but it is almost a red color. Here is a link to one on Amazon - similar color but the gray is a lighter gray:

They are selling for about $23+shipping on Amazon. I am only wanting $17 dlvd. cash or money order for this one. I opened the package and pulled it out before I realized it was the wrong case - so it is still new, but opened.

I may consider trading, however, I'd need Pirates autos I need that SELL for about $17 dlvd. (not BOOK for $17).

If interested, please let me know.