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  • Welcome all...

    ...maybe it started with begging your Mom for a few quarters for a pack of 1991 Topps Football.

    ...maybe it was that one time your Dad pulled out a shoe box with some completely torn-up '62 Topps he rode through his bike spokes and started telling stories.

    ...maybe you typed 'baseball card trading' into Google and ended up here, having no idea what to do with the cards you inherited from a friend.

    One thing is for certain. You're here about one reason. Sports cards. Baseball, football, whatever floats your boat. When people first arrive here is irrelevant. The reasons they stay are not.

    The Bench has provided a safe sports card trading community online since 2002. Yes, that's FIFTEEN years of making friends, sending cards far away that you don't want for the ones that you do. Extra hobby money has been made, collecting goals have been achieved, and lifelong friendships have been built.

    It's not just the cards. It's the sports. The Yankees and Red Sox banter. The free Superbowl contests. The fantasy leagues. It's the members that give away high end cards just because they can. It's the charity work that has been done. It's members having 50,000 posts.

    It all comes together here to make one of the elite trading spaces on the internet.

    Welcome to the Bench.
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    1. Camsue's Avatar
      Camsue -
      very nice
    1. BucCollector's Avatar
      BucCollector -
    1. KCLJ520's Avatar
      KCLJ520 -
      This is a fantastic community who has supported us through job losses and deaths of family members, and has shared our joy through births of three children, and brought about a ton of collecting fun! God Bless the Bench and everyone involved!
    1. Jaybo374's Avatar
      Jaybo374 -
      If it wasn't for The Bench, I would have probably stopped being an active collector years ago.

      My wife thanks everyone here for keeping me busy. Otherwise I'd be in her hair "helping" her in her pursuits.
    1. babymonkey's Avatar
      babymonkey -
      i just signed up eager to see what the site is all about...love to add to my collection via trades with other collectors!
    1. JerseyGirl's Avatar
      JerseyGirl -
      Thanks for the welcome! Was a new trader in 2015 and collect NY Giants card. I made five or six trades before I became ill and stopped trading. Topps leaving the football market, kept me on the sidelines. This year with the acquisition of Saquon Barkley it's time to pick up the banner and look forward to trading again.
    1. Baybomber8's Avatar
      Baybomber8 -
      Thanks for allowing me to join the site! Actively collecting SF 49ers cards daily it seems. I've been buying so many, thought I would check out the trade possibilities
    1. gurupess's Avatar
      gurupess -
      Joined the site last year, back again. Huge Cowboys fan, been PSA collecting seriously for over 10 years. I've been checking prices during the "Corona" and the Barry Sanders & Troy Aikman 1989 Score Rookies PSA 10 have doubled in price or more in the past 6-8 months. Also, trying to eventually complete the 1986 Fleer Basketball Set all in PSA 10, except for Jordan, got a PSA 6 on him so far.
      Would love your feedback, thanks,,,, THE GURU...