Hall of Fame Profile: NYYJMM

Jonathan Megna
Hyde Park, NY
Jonathan collects Don Mattingly cards, andy Topps base sets as well as prospect cards. He is all about collecting for fun!!

HOF Member 360
Joined 09-20-2006
Inducted 12-29-2007
Web Page NYYJMM's Web Site
Collecting Interests Baseball & Football cards
HOF Speech The person who I have to thank for this H.O.F. Plaque is BostonNut who introduced me this website to me. We were doing a trade on another website and told me in order to make this trade, I had to sign onto The Bench and have it posted on trade manager, this way it legitimizes the deal. Ever since then, this is where I have done all of my sporting card trades.

This website has changed the way I collect cards. There are so many different people on this website that collect many variety of cards. If I am looking to start a set, or looking for a Mattingly card, there is somebody out there that will help me out. There are so many helpful people who welcomed me to this website and also helped me out if I had a question no matter how stupid the question was. I never saw any kind of bickering on this website, which is rare on any type of website that has message boards.

The coolest thing about this experience has been almost every single trade I have done has been with adults. Showing that card collecting is not just a hobby for children, but it is a hobby that you can have through out your life and hopefully when I have my own children, I will pass this wonderful and joyous hobby onto my children, no matter what Laura says. Thank you!