Hall of Fame Profile: elbobman

Jacob "JR" Baumann
Spokane, WA
JR collects MLB Red Sox, NFL Packers/Cowboys, NBA Celtics/Pacers and Boxing. He focuses only on HOF really any longer and his main priority is Hoyt Wilhelm.

HOF Member 404
Joined 04-02-2007
Inducted 05-18-2008
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Collecting Interests 1933-1975 Baseball & Yu-Gi-Oh/Magic
Accomplishments My accomplishments are quite varied. I have over 350 HOF autographs on misc items but my royal collection is depicted in my game room. My royal collection is a signed G/U Jersey of Ted Williams, Hoyt Wilhelm, Nolan Ryan, Warren Spahn, and Joe DiMaggio, I call that wall my royal because to me it's my Royal Flush. As for anything else I'm working on, I believe I have six outstanding sets I'm working on, and forever my Wilhelm/Williams player collections
HOF Speech Thanks mostly to Brian and Carl. You've helped me get here more than any other, but thanks to the bench in general. It's been an enjoyable time here trading with all of you wonderful people