Hall of Fame Profile: kingsfaninri

Paul Foley
North Providence, RI
Paul is a big time collector of Eric Byrnes Alexander Frolov and Jon Lester.

HOF Member 397
Joined 05-11-2007
Inducted 04-27-2008
Web Page kingsfaninri's Web Site
Collecting Interests Baseball and hockey
Accomplishments Proud owner of TWO complete 2008 M&M Eric Byrnes sets, all four of the Byrnes M&M printing plates, the only 2008 Bowman Byrnes rainbow in existence and over 350 different Byrnes cards in all.
HOF Speech Thanks to the person or persons at Topps who came up with the M&M idea for making collecting so challenging, and to the fine folks at Beckett who have made it possible for me to spend three times as much time on their site while getting less out of it than ever before.