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Todd Lewis
Chicago, Illinois
Todd is currently collecting 2008 Bowman and Bowman Chrome. He is also collecting the Auto set from the 06 SP Authentic and any and everything of Jim Thome.

HOF Member 386
Joined 10-03-2007
Inducted 03-21-2008
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Collecting Interests Jim THome, WHite sox Detroit Tigers
Accomplishments Todd has finally gotten a Jim Thome 1 of 1 from the 08 M&M set, and is currently tracking down the rest of the base set, as well as trying to work on the parallels #/25 and #/10 . He would like to do the 1 of 1 set,but theres other Thome Collectors who wouldnt part with their 1 of 1's either..He hopes to one day have every card issued for Jim Thome but thats an ambitious goal as he has over 11,000 cards. right now I probably have 1500-2000 of his various cards from rookies to 2008 issues. He has completed appx. 80% of the base set fro 08 M&M and really wants to finish the set off before getting onto any other projects. Another project he would like to complete is the Letterman Set for Jim Thome to spell out his name.
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