Hall of Fame Profile: CCBC

Mack Korris
Mt. Vernon, IL
Mack is a big collector of St. Louis Cardinals, 2008 Allen and Ginter, Nick Markakis, CC Sabathia, Adam Wainwright, and Huston Street.

HOF Member 410
Joined 11-03-2007
Inducted 06-11-2008
Web Page CCBC's Web Site
Collecting Interests Celtics, Cardinals, Blues, Cardinals
Accomplishments My collections have improved greatly via the wonderful members of this site. I've reached so many milestones that I didn't even think were possible for a person like myself.
HOF Speech I don't have a clue where my collection would stand without this site. I thank you, The Bench and its glorious members. I'm glad to be a member of such a great site.