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Rob Morgan
The Michael Stipe of the trading game. A solid trader as well.

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Joined 01-12-2003
Inducted 01-11-2006
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Collecting Interests baseball/red sox
Accomplishments You dont have to live in a CHRONIC TOWN to realize that Rob is sincere, and you can DOCUMENT that! Even though packs are like $30 a pop, you dont need to have a bunch of GREEN to still get your wantlist filled. Well except for DOnruss and Fleer, as they are OUT OF TIME. What a relief, too many parallels anyways. I guess the people spoke and the companies will have to listen...FINALLY!! AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE is what I say. If they want something, give it to them, they are the backbone of the hobby anyways. But being just down to two companies now...... might just bring out the MONSTER in everyone.

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