Hall of Fame Profile: mindbinge

Lance Ratliff
Grundy, VA
Lance collects I collect Ahmad Bradshaw, who was a local kid he got to watch from little league all the way to the Super Bowl. Also a Braves collector in addition to collecting the older players from the 80's on back in football, baseball, and basketball.

HOF Member 419
Joined 04-19-2008
Inducted 07-10-2008
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Collecting Interests Baseball and Football mostly
Accomplishments I do a lot of Through The Mail (TTM) Autos of the older players and I've had a couple of really nice returns from players who are known not to sign much TTM, my favorite being Pete Rose, who was nice enough to sign a couple of cards for my boys collections. I saw Pete's schedule on his website of upcoming appearances and figured out a good timeline to send via a venue he was going to be at, and it worked.
HOF Speech Keep it fun and enjoy yourself, don't let the "hobby" become all about the money and value of the cards you collect. I find great enjoyment in getting a $1 Ahmad Bradshaw card that I don't have...that's what it's all about. Look at your cards, read the backs...don't just pick out the inserts and throw them in a box...enjoy them. I love the hobby, I love The Bench and it's great members, and I'm honored to be among those in the Hall of Fame.