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Thomas Doran
Cherry Hill, NJ
Thomas is a big Pat Burrell and Cecil Cooper collector. He also collects Topps sets from every year since he was born (1970).

HOF Member 357
Joined 01-22-2003
Inducted 12-25-2007
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Collecting Interests Baseball
Accomplishments I recently picked up a 1988 Topps Cloth Cecil Cooper card that i did not think i would ever find.
HOF Speech I would never had made this illustrious group without the help of all of the other members from the Bench. Special thanks go out to dankir96, Stormville, dragonslayer913, bobinc & LEONOFNJ for all of their help over the years.

My experience on the Bench as been nothing but AMAZING!!! The way that members try to help each other out and share their love of this all-consuming hobby even more enjoyable.

I look forward to several more years of trading here at The Bench, I'm not sure if my wife feels the same way sometimes. This is the first site I check every morning and the last site I check before I go to bed at night.