Thanks Kevin, I have got 3 different Taiwanese players on this ball signed in English (print or cursive) and in Chinese or Mandarin...I have one more sig to possibly add to this ball and it is an All star by the name of Chih-Wei Hu of the Montgomery Biscuits.
Fantastic stuff, great themed ball!! I love out of the ordinary, one of a kind items, and this one fits the bill!
Yeah, I'll give you the rest of the story real quick. Me and a bud were in Biloxi watching Brewers v. Shuckers. We cleaned up on the Brewers and my friend wanted **** real bad. I didn't know the guy but I had a ball that the Brewers pitching coach threw at me as he was leaving so I decided if I was going to hang around, I'll get **** too. A couple weeks go buy and Chen (Blue Wahoos) is hanging out by clubhouse not doing anything and I still had the **** ball in my bag. I thought to myself, he is Taiwanese too so I asked him to sign that point it was ON. The hunt for more taiwanese guys ensued and I picked up Tseng and now I may go for Hu. I'll let you know how it turns out, won't see Hu again until end of August.
That is so cool, great story, and cooler still to get a ball from the field to get signed!!!

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