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    Tony Gwynn...WANTED!!!

    I do not have anything from that list. Sorry!
  2. #1 Gwynn Fan

    Tony Gwynn...WANTED!!!

    millo67- There are four that I can use, for sure. I will have to check my lists to see if I can use more. The four I would like are: 1991 Bowman 647, 1991 Stadium Club 308, 1992 Panini Sticker 286 and 1994 Finest 201. Please let me know what you would want, and hopefully we can make a deal...
  3. #1 Gwynn Fan

    Tony Gwynn...WANTED!!!

    After taking almost a year off from collecting, I am back at it again!!! And to tell you the truth...I missed it!!! I am taking a different approach to my "Tony Gwynn" collection this time. I am going to go year by year, to keep the search fresh and exciting. The current list I am needing...
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    Danny Wuerffel TTM success

    It's been awhile since I have been on The Bench...but I have a success to share! Danny Wuerffel, in about 80 days! I sent a 2000 Topps and a 2005 Topps All American. He returned those and added two of his own...a 2011 UD College Football Legends and a 2012 Upper Deck. Here is the...
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    "Muggsy" Bogues TTM success!!!

    It has been a LONG time since I have posted anything to The Bench!!! I honestly forgot about sending these two "Muggsy" Bogues cards out...because it was 472 days before it was returned!!! Well worth the wait!!! Here is the link to the scans...
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    David Pearson NASCAR success...

    Another great response from a NASCAR legend!!! http://ttmautosuccess.blogspot.com/2012/02/david-pearson-nascar-success.html
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    Dave Marcis NASCAR success...

    Got this back today!!! http://ttmautosuccess.blogspot.com/2012/02/dave-marcis-nascar-success.html It's been a while since I have been on here...almost forgot how to post!!!
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    does anyone else get a virus from the site?

    Hey everyone...I have been using avast! antivirus for over two years....and have had NO problems. I also run a program called ccleaner twice a day. Both programs are FREE and easy to install... Just thought I could help...
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    The KC Royals Project has been completed!!!

    Yes I will. It will be authenticated by JSA and then matted and framed to be added to my personal collection.
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    The KC Royals Project has been completed!!!

    Got Dennis Leonard back today to complete the multiple signature piece. Whitey Herzog, Paul Splittorff, Doug Bird and Dennis Leonard!!!! May Mr. Splittorff rest in peace. http://ttmautosuccess.blogspot.com/2011/04/kansas-city-royalsherzogsplittorffbirdl.html
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    HOF 1983 Topps TRIFECTA!

    Great pickup!!! They are all sweet...but the Gwynn is the best!!! LOL....
  12. #1 Gwynn Fan

    Triple Complete!

    Looks good!!! I always enjoy the challenge of getting multiple autos on the same piece. Keep up the good work!!!
  13. #1 Gwynn Fan

    Kansas City Royals project...UPDATE

    Stuff like this makes me feel bad!!! RIP Mr. Splittorff...
  14. #1 Gwynn Fan

    Kansas City Royals project...UPDATE

    H has a $5 fee for two items...$10 for five items. I made sure to enclose $5!!!
  15. #1 Gwynn Fan

    Kansas City Royals project...UPDATE

    Three down...one to go!!! Got Doug Bird back yesterday!!! Off to Dennis Leonard on Monday!!! See attached link... http://ttmautosuccess.blogspot.com/2011/04/kansas-city-royalsherzogsplittorffbirdl.html