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    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Posted, Jack, and thanks!
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    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Jack, if those are the micros (about the size of a stamp), I can use them - BVs are $2 each on the '92s, $1.50 on the '93. I have the I-Rod ($4) pulled for you - need something else to even it out so I can get all three? Thanks, Dan
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    Welcome to the New Bench!

    Not just a sticky - we should Gorilla Glue it! :cool:
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    set complete

    one more card...
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    Topps Online Offerings

    I was able to get Finest Flashbacks (what a nice set that is!) and have gotten a couple Project 2020 and Topps Now cards, but the bulk of my buying is still from the (not-so-local) LCS.
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    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Works for me - I'll post. Thanks for the trade!
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    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Ed, I sent you an email - easier that way. Thanks, Dan Have the blue Starquest, need the red and the other two. What can I dig up for you? Still need the two minis? Thanks, Dan
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    COMPLETE!!!!!2020 Topps Chrome Set needs

    Billy, I have #169 to finish you off - need #195 to finish me off! PWE trade OK with me. PLMK, thanks, Dan
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    2019 and 2020 Topps Chrome Pink refractors

    I have 2020 #s 43 and 47. Looking for help with this 2020 Chrome: Future Stars: FS18 Means Otherwise, Ripkens/Poseys/Goldschmidts. PLMK, thanks, Dan
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    set complete

    Trade posted, Ray. Thanks for the help!
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    2020 Topps Chrome-Set Complete

    Confirmed and thanks for the trade!