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    August Show Off Thread

    So long It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and went to post a few photos from my camera roll, and I don’t have the slightest clue how to. I feel so obsolete.
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    (re) Introducing Myself

    Welcome back !!! I haven’t been on here in years myself . Use to be really active up till like 2013 . I just signed on to see if I had a list of the stuff I sold way too early on here 😂
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    Guess who's back?

    Thanks everyone for the welcome back! Recognize some of these names for sure. Made trades with majority of you and hope to make some more!! Need to update my lists though.
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    Guess who's back?

    I'm thinking about trying to get back into trading, buying and selling cards is taken a toll and I'm losing some fun. I'm sure some of you guys will remember me or recognize my name but I stopped coming around for a while after I let a trusted member in the group borrow some money for bills and...
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    Need 14 2006 topps Chrome refactors

    anything of Taijuan Walker, or any other stars that are of comparable value?
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    Bring Me Your 2014 A&G Non-Player Autos 2 left

    Didn't really see anything
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    Review 2014 Bowman Football

    Thanks for checking!
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    Need 14 2006 topps Chrome refactors

    I got the cruz
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    Bring Me Your 2014 A&G Non-Player Autos 2 left

    I got the tanner foust relic, and the Jordan Oliver wrestler auto. what do you have for trade from ginter
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    Review 2014 Bowman Football

    Anything of #77 Jace Amaro?
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    2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Willie Stargell Glossy 1/1

    I bought a few boxes the other day and in the second box right under the loader was a single card see through pack containing the 1/1. I see they are not hiding them this year. Anyways I am looking for something comparable in value. Some preferred players are Tanaka, Manziel, Russell Wilson, HOF...
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    *** 2013 Bowman Platinum Xfractors!

    Hey David, I have this one. BPP53 Lucas Sims I could use the hamilton if you can not hit any of the links in my signature.
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    Wood Burning Giveaway CONTEST IS OVER David K is the winner

    61 for today. Thanks!
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    PICS UP--2013 A&G Autos, Toppers and Relics

    Put me in line for the Buckner behind shadowking and check my tradelists as well.