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    WTTF DJ Lemahieu Havelist Added Updated 11/17/20

    I don't see anything in your recent posts, but ill keep an eye out
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    WTTF DJ Lemahieu Havelist Added Updated 11/17/20

    Found some decent ones- 2011 bowman rc 56 2011 bowman chrome rc 56 2011 topps pro debut 246 2010 topps pro debut 123 2010 bowman chrome prospect purple refractor /999 110
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    '20 Topps Seattle Heroes cards ft Griffey, Edgar Martinez

    Have a set of these for trade/sale. No problem breaking it up. Set consists of players with ties to seattle, see pic of the box for a checklist
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    Want: SF Giants

    Sure, post it up. Thanks
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    Want: SF Giants

    Anyone get any Giants stuff lately?
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    WTTF: Barry Bonds

    Anyone have any Bonds?
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    Low End Autos and Game Used for Trade: Helton, Edmonds, Canseco, Arod, Dawson, Erstad, Green

    Interested in the Helton. I have this Vlad JR that fits the rookie cup requirements- Vladimir Guerrero Jr 20 Topps Archives 1960 All-Star Rookies Black /99 #VGJ also have a Yordan Ginter X RC
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    Randy Moss & Peyton Manning 1998 SC Graded RCs for trade

    Have these 2 for trade, most likely looking for baseball or non sport autos in return but will look at lists. Moss Beckett 9.5 gem mint Manning 8.5 nrmt mt +
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    Gonna attempt a 2020 Stadium Club red foil parallel set- PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have #35 Gehrig. I am interested in this from your tradelist: Chapman, Matt 20 Topps Archives Red #79 #'d/75 $6- NEW