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    Team Trading Atlanta Braves Team Trading Thread

    I picked up a 2018 Topps MLB Players Weekend Commemorative Patch of Freddie Freeman #PWP-FF. If anyone is interested I still need a bunch of base from this set. Thanks, Frank
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    15 card 2017 A&G Mini Lot for trade for '80's base cards

    PM Sent to Polar Bear. These minis are still available.
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    15 card 2017 A&G Mini Lot for trade for '80's base cards

    Hi Everybody, I opened a few packs of 2017 A and G. I have a few of the main set mini’s for trade. There is 6 regular back mini’s. 5 A&G back mini’s and 4 Black Border Mini’s, no huge rookies or stars. I will of course get you a full list. I am looking for some set needs from the 80’s to...
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    What other sites are out there?

    If you are on Facebook there are several pages. I've deactivated my Facebook account but when I was on there there were some fantastic pages. Very fast responses, actually a little to fast for those of us with families, jobs and other lives.
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    2017 Topps Inserts Needed

    I have from 2017 Topps Series II MLB Network #16 Independence Day ID-6 I saw this on your trade site: 2014 Topps Gold # 215 Jean Segura (1631/2014) PWE trade? Thanks, Frank
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    2017 sets to finish

    I've got three: 2017 Series II Salute: S-132- Arron Judge S-137- Gary Carter 2017 Topps 87 87-169- Ozzie Smith Do you have any Brewers from 2017 Archives, GQ or A&G? I need basically everything. Thanks, Frank
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    Can I get my status updated please?

    Awesome! Thank you very much!
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    2017 Topps Series II base needs.....

    Hi Butch, I have some gold # from previous years of Topps, all of my 2017 have been traded. I will PM you a list. Thanks, Frank Thanks for the reply. Let me see where my needs are at after the trade with Butch. Also the inserts that I have listed are my for trade. I am not working on any of...
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    Can I get my status updated please?

    Hey Mod team, I changed my email address and it changed me to rookie with a MSF avatar. When someone has time can they put me back to what I was at? Thanks a bunch, Frank
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    2017 Topps Series II base needs.....

    Hello, I am looking to knock out some of these. Please note that summer is a very busy time for me. My wife and kids are at home all of the time. With that said, if I get a lot of responses please don’t be offended if I take a pass on a trade. Thanks, Frank Base Needs: Series I: Complete...
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    2017 Topps Series 2 wants

    Not sure where you are with your needs but I do have these: 531,536,550,550,555,582,604,606,612,650,654,681,685,694. Let me know if you can use any and I can send you a list of what I still need. Thanks, Frank
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    2017 heritage and topps needs updated 7-15

    Sounds good I will PM you the list. There is nothing high BV in it just a couple retail hanger packs worth of inserts. Thanks, Frank
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    2017 heritage and topps needs updated 7-15

    I've got one of the '87 cards for you. #138- Corey Kluber. I still need about half of the base cards from Series II. If you dont mind a small trade I can PM you my base needs. Or if you have a bunch of base you want to get rid of maybe I can send you a bunch of inserts that you could use as...
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    Need Heritage SP's

    Hello, I do have these: 2017 Topps Heritage SP's: 435,461,467,496. I am looking for Brewers and set fillers for lots of sets. Thanks, Frank
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    WTTF/WTB - 2017 Topps Cards I need

    Hi Ron, That Yount would be great! I want to make sure I have the right card. The front of the card says "Fielding Award" but the back has GG-3 as the card number. I assume it is the right card and the wording has something to do with copyright or trademark issues. I'll post and if it is not...