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    WTTF:Sam McDowell, Tony Oliva & Luis Tiant

    Interesting list. Are you going to a signing event or something?
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    Pittsburgh Steelers Wants..........

    I have these: 1973 Topps: 140-191-332-408-456-480 1974 Topps: 356 1980 Topps: 350-375-528 1981 Topps: 90-436-476 1983 Topps: 369 1986 Topps: 281-282-286-288-289-290-291 1987 Topps: 283-284-285-286-290-292 1988 Topps: 163-165-172-174 1990 Topps...
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    Baseball Autos FS/FT

    Hi, looking for Pirates, what have you got? Thanks!
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    TTM/ IPs trade list....

    Still waiting for my PM.. Asked about Sosa (and others) on July 31. Thanks, David
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    TTM/ IPs trade list....

    Hi, interested in: 1962 Topps #424 Al McBean (Pirates) RC 1963 Topps #101 Joe Gibbon (Pirates) Elias Sosa -signed index card
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    Autograph trade list, looking for trades or sales

    Here's what I have: 1978 Topps Gene Clines 1978 Topps Jim Fregosi (smeared) 1989 Fleer Update Hensley Meulens 1990 ProCards Butch Davis 1991 ProCards Rico Rossy 1992 Skybox Team Sets Tony Chance 1994 Sally League All Stars Lou Collier 1993 ProCards Frank Kremblas 1996 Best Orlando Cubs Kevin...
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    Autograph trade list, looking for trades or sales

    Hi Ed, glad to see you back on here. Can you reply to my post as well? Thanks, David
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    A few new cards to trade

    Hi Brett, checked your site and don't think I have any hits to your needs. Nonetheless, what would you need for the following? 2015 Topps Pro Debut Fragments of the Farm Gold #FF-SIY Staten Island Yankees Hurricane Sandy Damaged Dugout Mat #47/50 Thanks, David
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    Beckett laugh!!

    I'm not on Beckett but did you try spelling it Pettitte?
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    auto lot for sale or trade

    Thanks for the reply but I'll pass. Don't have much newer stuff for trade.
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    auto lot for sale or trade

    What would you need for these two? 2015 donruss signature series 1. christian walker 2014 donruss signatures wh. willie horton
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    IP for sale, listed by team

    Posted, thank you!
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    Want: SF Giants

    Posted, thanks.
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    Want: SF Giants

    In place of the Ciriaco.