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    Jayson 69 in the house

    Jayson: I've been a a sporadic lurker on the Bench for a while now. However, I never completed a trade. I'm wondering, could rookies trade with other rookies?
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    My Complete Baseball Set Wantlist

    I will take a look and be back to you... By the way, what does WTTF or TTT stand for? When you finish laughing, hit me back. Still getting used to all of the lingo...
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    My Complete Baseball Set Wantlist

    Curtis- both would apply. New to trading and new to the Bench. Just trying to get my first trade done. Thanks for the speedy reply.
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    My Complete Baseball Set Wantlist

    Curtis: I have some 1950 Bowmans...I'm looking to set build the 1972 Topps set. The problem is this is my first trade, so I'm not really sure how the process works - other than I must send first being a new trader. Can you walk me through it?