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    Crappy mail day for me today

    I always ask if PWE is ok before finalizing a trade.
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    2020 Topps A&G for trade

    #37 is good. Trade posted. PWE is fine with me. Thanks!
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    2020 Topps A&G for trade

    How about any one 2020 Topps Gold?
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    2020 Topps A&G for trade

    I have these 2020 A&G for trade: Base: 5 24 32 45 67 95 103 103 186 207 227 229 229 264 268 280 294 294 SPs: 331 Sheffeld 337 Kiner Mini: 14 Nola Mini A&G Back: 273 Polanco Mini Black Border: 241 Brantley Mini Behemoths Beneath: 7 Lion's Mane Jelly Mini Where Monsters Live: 9 Under the...
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    WTTF Topps Chrome Sepias

    I have 2020 sepia Lux RC #148 $25 that I could trade for the Tatis Jr. 2020 Stadium Club Chrome Refractors #188 $25. PWE is fine with me.
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    WTTF DJ Lemahieu

    I have these two: 2016 Topps Chrome Green Refractor #37 LeMahieu COL /99 $15 2016 Topps Chrome Prism Refractor #37 LeMahieu COL $3 Do you have any comparable current Rays hitters (Meadows, Adames, B Lowe, Arozarena, Wendle + W Franco)? PWE trades are fine with me.
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    Tampa Bay Rays Autos for sell or trade 2020 AL CHAMPS

    I will get in line for the Arozarena if it's still available. What would you be looking for in trade? Scott
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    USPS individual dropping off my mail.....

    Not definitively. But I'm fairly certain you can't get the $1.20 rate on since there is no tracking info included.
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    USPS individual dropping off my mail.....

    Does anyone know if the $1.20 postage option is available on It would be great if I could pay the lower rate and also print the mailing label.
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    Astros 20-card non-base lot FS $12 dlvd

    I have this assortment of current Astros (SPs/refractors/#'d/inserts) for sale for $12 concealed cash delivered or $12.50 paypal delivered: 2014 Panini Prizm Prizms Camo #113 Altuve 2015 Topps Chrome Gallery of Greats #16 Altuve 2015 Topps Chrome Purple Refractors #151 Altuve /250 2016...
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    It's been a while...looking for Greg Maddux I don't have

    The Robert BP150 is a bit less, so I added a refractor to even things up: 2019 Topps A&G Mini Gold Border #200 Judge $6 2019 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor #173 Chris Shaw /150 $10 2019 Topps Update #US150 Hiura RC $8 2020 Bowman Prospects #BP150 Robert $4 2020 Bowman #52 Bichette RC $5 2020...