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    FT: Former/Retired New England Patriots - RCs, Serial #'d, Game-Used, Autos

    1993 Action Packed #220 Troy Brown RC 1997 Pacific Invincible #18 Antowain Smith RC 1999 Absolute EXP #18 Kevin Faulk RC 1999 Absolute SSD #178 Kevin Faulk RC 1999 Bowman #167 Kevin Faulk RC 1999 Collector's Edge Advantage #165 Kevin Faulk RC 1999 Pacific Omega #140 Kevin Faulk RC 1999 Pacific...
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    FT: Football tradelist by team ~ looking for Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and other current Patriots

    Atlanta Falcons 2001 Upper Deck Vintage #204 Michael Vick RC 2002 Atomic #6 Michael Vick 2002 Topps Reserve #1 Michael Vick 2003 Topps All American Foil #30 Michael Vick 2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome #56 Michael Vick 2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity #4 Michael Vick 2004 Press...
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    FT: Miscellanenous Baseball Autos/GU'd/RC/Inserts/Serial #'d

    Let me know if anything interests you........ Autos: 2000 SPx #96 - Rob Bell (Reds) Serial #'d 0171/1500 2008 Bowman #224 - Sam Fuld (Cubs) 2009 O-***-Chee OPC Signatures #S-MR - Mike Rabelo (Marlins) Game Used: 2001 SPx #131 - Prospect Jersey - Eric Hinske RC (Blue Jays) 2003 Upper Deck...
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    FT: 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects, Bowman Blue & White

    Have these FT - 2006 Bowman White #68 - Conor Jackson Serial #'d 086/120 (Diamondbacks) 2006 Bowman Blue #192 - Jose Guillen Serial #'d 120/500 (Nationals) 2006 Bowman Blue #210 - Jason Botts Serial #'d 457/500 (Rangers) 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BC7 - Mayker Sandoval (Reds) 2006 Bowman...
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    WTT/WTS: 2003 Bowman Chrome

    Hi Everyone: LMK if you need any of these ..... 2003 Bowman Chrome #169 - Eider Torres RC (Indians) 2003 Bowman Chrome #173 - Justin Arneson RC (Twins) 2003 Bowman Chrome #178 - Tyler Johnson RC (Cardinals) 2003 Bowman Chrome #180 - T.J. Bohn RC (Mariners) 2003 Bowman Chrome #181 - Ozzie...
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    Anyone need toploaders? 500 Toploaders - Medium Flat Rate Box $34 DLVD

    I have a couple medium flat rate boxes of used toploaders for sale. 500 of the regular size toploaders fit into each of these boxes. These toploaders are all used, and some may have minimal scratches but none have writing or stickers or anything else on these. Some of these look like they have...
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    NFL week 4 Thursday Contest 14 SCORE HOT ROOKIES BLAKE BORTLES RC

    I will go with 609. Thanks, cj
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    NFL week 3 Monday Night Contest 14 TOPPS PRIME BLUE PEYTON MANNING

    I've gotta go big with this match up - my guess is 708 yards. Thanks, cj
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    2nd Sept Contest for Cal Ripken Jr. auto! Winner is t.rooster! Contest is closed!

    I'll try 29. Thanks for another contest! -cj
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    WTT/WTS: 2014 Bowman Chrome prospects and parallels

    Hi everyone, These are available for trade: Auto: 2014 Bowman Prospect Autographs Chrome #BCAP-LJ - Luke Jackson (Blue Jays) Serial #'d 2014 Bowman Blue #211 - Madison Bumgarner Serial #'d 071/500 (Giants) 2014 Bowman Orange #90 - Jose Reyes Serial #'d 169/250 (Blue Jays) Inserts: 2014...
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    FT/FS: Football Tradelist looknig for Patriots in return

    Please check out my FB tradelist (includes some autos and game used) looking for Julian Edelman, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Rob Gronkowski or some other current Patriots in return.
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    I will guess 83. Thanks again for the contest. Thanks, cj
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    FT/FS: 1987 Sportflics

    Hey sorry I didn't see anything on your tradelist other than the 3 Koji Uehara you had listed. Do you have any other David Ortiz or Jason Varitek not listed? -cj