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    jaydub 2015 IP Successes

    awesome!! i'd love to trade for a Chi Chi Gonzalez duplicate it possible. PM me..
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    2015: IP in Arlington

    at least we have Frisco Sunday :)
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    I have been silent, but not inactive...

    nice job, Jim!!!!!! hope all is well :)
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    Cardinals Caravan and Winter Warm Up (long read)

    thanks for sharing..very cool!!! glad your kids had a blast.
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    Recent TTM & IP well as an Antique Mall Pickup...

    great stuff, Jim!!!!!!!!!
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    First week of the New Year...

    congrats Walt
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    The Halk Signings- Pudge, Spud Etc.

    getting bigtime there, Darrell. when you are opening your own memorabilia shop? :)
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    what are all his usernames now?
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    We have clearance, Clarence

    very cool, you better call him
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    TTM Return > Out Feb. 2012 - In Today!

    Great job, Mort!! Keeping the faith :)
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    3 Arrivals - 10/6 - Quad Finished

    that's fantastic!!!
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    Back in Georgia, lots of successes forwarded!!

    WOW...awesome job, that was fun mail to open, huh??
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    It's scary how many retruns I got the first week of October

    i can probably get heep in april when they come play tcu..he is the head coach at Incarnate Word University in San Antonio. He signed about 12 for me last year..congrats, love the Williams!!