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    Have these 2015 High Numbers (66 Style) set aside for you. 434 Todd Frazier 446 Adrian Beltre 455 Jose Altuve 460 James Shields 473 Adrian Gonzalez 491 Victor Martinez I need the 2017 Heritage Trout (450) and have a bunch of other Heritage Wantlists listed on my website.
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    WTTF Daughters Set Needs-- 17 Donruss and 17 Topps Chrome

    I have these 2017 Topps Chrome hits to your set put aside: 5,8,12,30,33,53,75, 123,128,163,173,177,183,196 I could use any hits to my wantlist. Mike
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    2017 Chrome Baseball

    Sorry I fell off the face of the earth a few pages back. Good news is = I have 158 Josh Bell and would send it to you in a PWE to finish off the set for you. Post it and it will be sent out on Tuesday.
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    2017 Allen and Ginter/Bowman Top Prospects-Needs

    Lol - sorry to double post as I didn't realize I had a stack set aside for you already! Thanks for checking the wants. Look forward to trading with you.
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    2017 Allen and Ginter/Bowman Top Prospects-Needs

    I pulled these for you: 2017 Bowman Prospects - 14,25 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects - 147,114,55,44,40,30,24,22 2017 Bowman 48 Bowman - KB, HA, MT 2017 Bowman 92 Bowman - XB 2017 Bowman 51 Bowman - 15 2017 Bowman Talent Pipeline - Cardinals and Astros 2017 Topps Chrome 87 Topps - 20 Please let...
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    Trading to complete the following Baseball sets

    I have these pulled aside for you: 2010 Topps Chrome: 199,144,63,57,38,27,21 Let me know if you find any hits to the ol' wantlist in the sig below.
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    2017 Chrome Baseball

    I pulled these for you: 2017 Topps Chrome 183,157,138,128,117,114,110,106,99,86,75,71,64,53,43,40,49,36,35,1 Let me know if you can provide hits to my wantlists.
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    1977 - 1983 - Close to completing these sets/New needs added

    Found these and pulled them for you: 1980 Topps 5,206,235,269,450,604,691 1981 Topps 207,557,562,593 1982 Topps 163,454,540,754,765 1983 Topps 12,511,512,515,517,703 1984 Topps 742,726,711,675,665,641,606,602,534,506,505,485, 443,440,417,397,356,350,333,330,329,328,326,318...
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    WTTF 1981 Fleer

    Found these and put them aside for you. 81 Donruss 51b Tom Donohue COR (Name spelled "Donohue" on front) 87b Larry Hisle VAR (says "Twins with 28 HR") 97a Tom Burgmeier VAR (Throws: Right) 563b Bob Owchinko VAR (Says "Involved in a" 1980 line) 81 Fleer 6a Steve Carlton P1 41a Hal McRae VAR...
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    2017 Allen and Ginter/Bowman Top Prospects-Needs

    Have these set aside for you: 2017 Topps Chrome BASE: 3-14-18-29-35-38-48-50 59-61-64-70-73-74-81-83-85-89-92-94 102-107-111-114-116-117-121-128-135-137-140-144 149-151-154-155-158-163-165-167-176-180-194-199. I can also hit with Chrome inserts and 2017 Bowman Prospects and BCP. Fellow set...
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    WTTF my '90s Topps Inserts-updated after some deals

    I have a 98 Topps Mo Vaughn Bordered Mystery Refractor. I can also help you with some other wantlists on your website. Can you take a look at mine and let me know if you can help me?
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    Need Help Finishing Some Bowman Sets

    Thanks - I had not looked at BV's and appreciate you rounding up the values for me. If you would like to do the trade, please post it up, if not, no worries.
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    Need Help Finishing Some Bowman Sets

    I haven't looked at bv's but suspect you are a little light on your end. Are you able to help with other wantlists on the site?
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    Need Help Finishing Some Bowman Sets

    I have these pulled for you: 2012 Bowman: 169 2012 Bowman Prospects: BP51, BP62 2014 Bowman 56,75,96,118,122,146 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects: BCP81, BCP90, BCP110 I have wantlists posted on my website in the sig below
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    WTTF 2017 Heritage SP's-DONE

    I have 78, 199, 272, 288, 297, 429 set aside for you. If you point me to your wantlist, we can expand the deal. My wantlists are here =