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    Anybody Else Have App Crashes on Ipod Touch?

    Check your memory usage.....also delete your trash bin in mail and get the latest software and that fixed all of my woes
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    Top 5 Bands of All Time...

    Floyd (saw DSOTM & Animals in Soldier Field ) Zep Porcupine Tree The Flower Kings Yes (Close) Riverside, RPWL & Van Morrison
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    2012 Heritage home stretch

    I'll send you a couple no worries I am so happy to have finished. Posting trade now Goat
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    2012 Heritage home stretch

    I appreciate the offer but it is incoming....
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    2012 Heritage home stretch

    Not a problem but it is a green RF but I would like to to have it. I have a stack of this years and would be happy to send you some of them if you have a list.. Getting better day by day Thanks Goat
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    2012 Heritage home stretch

    Hey Dale sorry been sick in bed 4 days. First day back on my feet. I have them but when I pulled them the 2011 chrome is an rf. if that is what was listed cool please post. Thanks bud.
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    2012 Heritage home stretch

    NAP- Votto $3 SP 445 $6
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    2012 Heritage home stretch

    Need SP's 435** 484** NAP DJ JV For trade SP's 445 453 453(blue) 458 460 462 471 485 488 Chrome /1963 22 25 30 36 37 42 45 50 62 85 90 NAP Bautista Stickers 10 22
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    What Was You Wedding Song...And what song do you want played at your funeral?

    Got married to There is Love by Peter Paul and Mary
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    dadandsoncards successes

    Congrats on getting Y A !
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    recent IP

    Congrats. Nice haul. Goat
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    2012 Brewers On Deck fanfest

    Sounds great thanks for sharing
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    Hello im devin

    Welcome and good luck
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    Lost....Found....and now Posted

    Nice haul Spencer
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    Joey Votto TTM

    nice I got him I waited 405 days