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    MrMopar's REVIVED Annual Christmas Giveaway Contest

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    Why I Make Custom Cards

    Honestly after a long day at work, I was on my last legs at this time last night and forget where I found it. Anyway, great work. I glad this thread has been resurrecte.
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    Why I Make Custom Cards

    Wow....just wow. You have a gift. I completely understand your problems of not being able to quickly identify a year and set of virtually any given card from recent years. I thought I was alone in this problem and missing the days of the 80s and before when you could just automatically...
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    What's on your music playlist?

    I have given up trying to figure my kid‘s music. For the most part, I can’t stand her current music. Now since she’s driving, she cranks it up in my car when she picks me up at work. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was doing it on purpose so my colleagues would harass me. When did I get...
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    What's on your music playlist?

    I listen to full albums of Miles Davis, Yusef Lateef, and from my youth John Mellancamp’s “Uh-Huh” album. For singles my tastes range songs like OutKast‘S “Hey Ya!”, Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom” (Thank you Umbrella Academy foe reminding about this song) and anything by Otis Redding, U2 and...
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    2020 RIP Thread

    Sigh... I guess many of them are just reaching that age. The stage during the Induction Ceremony in Cooperstown is getting less and less crowded.
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    The sad thing is an item, a card (GU or otherwise) is not something that can be restored after it has been damaged. Because of the carelessness, the value has decreased significantly. Since they are returned to the seller, he won't receive much (if anything) when he tries to resell it.
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    2020 RIP Thread

    In baseball alone, we've lost several players including HOFers Al Kaline, Tom Seaver, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson and now Whitey Ford. It's times like these that the gods of baseball who were immortalized on cardboard remind us that we are all indeed mortal.
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    Tim Getsch (COMC Founder) on SCI - Free Elite Submissions

    I’m choosing patience with the COMC backlog. I have had a package waiting to submit to COMC but have held off due to this issue. At some point they will be able to run at full capacity. In the meantime, I’m just having fun flipping and slowly building up enough profit to purchase some...
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    Baseball to start up on July 23 or 24th......60 game season.

    More than most seasons I’m enjoying watching this season thus far. If I’m not watching my Red Sox, I’m watching a day game or West Coast night game. I also play a daily fantasy league which heightens my interest. However, I don’t think this season will make it to the end. So many...
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    YSL Project

    Fantastic ending to our collective quest!
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    Liquidating in 2020 - are you downsizing or upsizing right now?

    I’ve been trying to downsize by selling on Sportlots but since COVID started I stopped because I don’t go out any more. I’m in the high-risk population due to a kidney transplant. However, when this is over, I’ll try again to get rid of lots of base cards which I do not need and use the...
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    New Daily Trivia Quiz

    Got 5 out of 7
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    Trade Manager Updates

    Woo hoo!