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    2021 Golf Thread

    LOL - Reed definitely has that smug punchable face and completely agree with you regarding DeChambeau as well But they both win, and that probably contributes to the negativity. Great finish at Pebble Beach this past weekend, Daniel Berger eagling the final hole to secure a victory at the...
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    Tom Brady's Questionable Judgment

    exactly! I am not a huge fan of Brady, but you know what, he had some drinks and had some fun, so good for him. When someone has succeeded at his craft as much as he has, let him celebrate it! As mentioned above, where was the outrage when Gronk used it to bunt a baseball and put a dent in it.
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    Current Weather.......

    Snowing here again today -- predicted 6-10". Seeing team unpacking at spring training is a welcome sight! To all our friends in Texas and the Gulf Region -- stay safe and stay warm!!!
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    2021 RIP Thread

    RIP Vincent Jackson -- he was a mainstay on fantasy football squads for years. RIP Rush Limbaugh -- talk radio icon/legend.
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    I know there is a bump feature now, but kind of feel like this thread deserves a personal touch when bumping it up. Four cards left - I am wagering someone out there has a snow day today and maybe an extra minute or two to take a look.
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    Newcomer would like ro trade for some 2021 Topps

    Welcome to The Bench!
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    2021 RIP Thread

    RIP Marty Schottenheimer and RIP Mary Wilson. Feel like I am days behind on everything right now.
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    2021 Golf Thread

    It was lift,clean,replace. Should he have waited, probably. But he did let his playing partners know. If they had objected, I am sure he would have waited. Rory didn't wait either, he just marked and dropped without an official stopping by. So people can't have it both ways. If what...
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    Already sold by the time I got to it....Early Bird got the worm in this case!
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    Here we go.... Initial Post has been updated to reflect the last 4 cards needed: 3663 4312 5683 5953 The cards that Andy D sent took a monster bite out of this thing. Let's keep the momentum going and finish this bad boy up!!
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    The 2020/21 NCAA Hoops Thread

    I am going to try and stay awake tonight to watch Gonzaga/BYU, just to get another look at them to try and judge them better. As limited as my time has been lately, I really only carve out time to watch UNC.
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    Been awhile since I’ve been on...

    Welcome back to The Bench! Definitely a different look than your last visit in 2013!! New owner has done an amazing job building the site back up to its former glory.
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    Newcomer looking for some help

    Welcome to The Bench! Lots of resources and folks here that will be happy and willing to help you out in terms of getting trades made, etc.
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    2021 RIP Thread

    RIP Leon Spinks. RIP Pedro Gomez - ESPN baseball reporter, passed away today. One of my favorites to watch.