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    My top rookies for trade

    I need the Base Arenado for my set.
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    2019 Topps Heritage

    I can use the following...
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    What's on your music playlist?

    David, I agree. CCR is one of, if not the best classic rock group. Have been fortunate enough to see John in concert 3 times in the past 13 years. Incredible talent, and his shows got better each time.
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    Halloween Contest!

    19. I once dressed up as Chuck Knoblauch in the mid 90's stubble and all! Thanks for the contest.
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    2020 Stadium Club wanted and for trade (9 to go )

    I do, but depending on what you have it's an awful lot to go through. I am looking for Kirby Puckett cards I don't have, Topps Flagship set needs from 1981-2020, and auto'd cards of players that I have seen play in person. (have a current list on that but wouldn't expect to trade auto's for non...
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    2020 Stadium Club wanted and for trade (9 to go )

    #17 J.T. Realmuto $0.75 #73 Ketel Marte $0.60 #114 Robbie Ray $0.50 #138 Aaron Judge $2.50 #185 Buster Posey $1.00 #208 Domingo Leyba RC $1.00 #270 Ken Griffey Jr. $1.50 #277 Johnny Bench $0.75 #282 Sheldon Neuse RC $1.00 #297 Mauricio Dubon RC $1.25
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    What's on your music playlist?

    There is a line in this song by Tim McGraw that basically describes my preferences. "Some say it's too country, some say it's too Rock-n-Roll, but it's just good music, if you can feel it in your soul"
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    Wrigley Field banned from World Series?

    Just read this on MLB.Com. I never knew this was an issue at the time, but considering how close they came in 84, I can understand where they were coming from.
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    2020 RIP Thread

    One of my first favorite Vikings. I remember in 7th grade doing a paper for geography on Hawaii, and my teacher, who was a die hard Packers fan (rough times in the 80's) got a dig in on the last line as Honolulu was the birthplace of "Vikings Pro Bowler Matt Blair"
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    What's on your music playlist?

    Agreed. Of those two albums, my favorites are "I've got a thing about you baby" and "Just Pretend" Also just saw that the Royal Philharmonic completed an album of Johnny Cash songs. Could be very interesting. And if you were to look at my favorite stations on XM radio you would think I'd have...
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    What's on your music playlist?

    Yes, It was Smooth by Carlos Santana Ft Rob Thomas. Ironically it wasn't one that spent the most weeks at #1, but the amount of time at number 1 and subsequent other time on the charts gave it enough points to put it at the top. Hey Jude finished in the top 50, I believe at 36 and was the...
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    One and Done set needs thread for everyone

    nope it is in route. thanks though!
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    2020 RIP Thread

    Just saw this one on my CBS Sports Notifications, and will hit anyone who grew up in Minnesota. Sid Hartman, the legendary sportswriter for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune passed away this afternoon at age 100. He was instrumental in bringing the the Lakers to Minneapolis and paid 15,000...
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    Looking for Dave McNally

    Just glancing at your wantlist, I found the 05 Bowman heritage Kinsler and the 1998 Willie Mays reprint 14. I have to double check on they Mays but I know I have the Kinsler.