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    Review 2014 Bowman Chrome - N F L

    Duane first thank you for the review. I agree this is a nice looking set. I am not fond of the copy cat insert from baseball but over all great looking cards. Awesome hit on the auto xfractor Carr I love the raiders as well as steelers so that is a nice hit to see. Again thank you for the review...
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    Review 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball

    That is an amazing sano's I think sterling is a awesome looking set. So much to look for. Thanks for your review and lmk what might get The Sano I feel he is going to be good hope I can come up with something
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    Review Bowman Draft - M L B

    Just wanted to say awesome review thank you for doing it. Can't wait to get ahold of a box
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    Review 2014 Topps Finest - M L B

    Any chance you got a kipnis in this I am not a fan of finest but need my guys card
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    Review Topps Chrome - M L S

    Have never seen chrome of these looks very sweet. What do these run a pack wouldn't mind trying to find Columbus crew cards and Chicago fire cards
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    Review 2014 Bowman Platinum - M L B

    Dwayne awesome review. Love this issue hooked me on it last year any kipnis base or parallels also looking for parallels of lindor and Clint Frazier. Thanks as always for doing what you do
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    Review Topps N F L Football

    Awesome review. I was questioning to do this this year you have convinced me it's worth my time I like the design and the ppk and play60 cards are great to keep kids on the hobby. Like the browns cards especially the west pink . I like these types of set due to the parallels . Thanks again can't...
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    Review Topps Inception Football

    Awesome review I agree hi end should all be on card auto. Like the Bell base card this is a sweet looking set. Thank you for reviewing this
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    Review 2014 Topps Series 2 - M L B

    Awesome review as always love series 2 get any kipnis and what would you need in trade for trout? Thank you Duane always glad to see your reviews
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    Review 2014 Pro Debut

    Awesome review Duane this is a really cool set I am picking up a box or two in the coming month will send rays your way thank you as always for your wonderful review. I agree the different color card for the autos is awesome. That is a nice auto of James Hoyt. Again awesome review and thank you
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    2013 and 2014 series 1 98 cents

    Went I to walmart today mind you over the past month I have been in like 3 of the 5 local ones and hadn't found clearance cards, well found a whole bunch today. Picked up 19 of the 2012 and 10 of the 2013 also picked up 2 packs of 2010-11 victory will post here what I got from those packs
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    Newbie - Set Collector

    Welcome to The Bench. Pm if you need any Indians ones or if you have a list of what you need i might be able to help. Have fun and happy trading
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    Berube37's intro

    Welcome to the bench. Pm me what your looking for baseball wise and I will see if I can help
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    Review 2014 Bowman Baseball

    Great review I do love these cards I have been in search of a Frazier card haven't pulled any rays chrome but they will be headed your way if I get any. Thanks for the review again
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    Longest 2014 Bowman Case Break...

    Very nice break so far. Still haven't found anyone with any Clint Fraziers