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  1. Platnum71

    LF 2020 Set Needs

    id sell base 2020 topps update for 2 cents plus shipping no high named rookies
  2. Platnum71

    WTT 20 Walmart Holiday

    PM me a list of your 2020 Topps holiday astros
  3. Platnum71

    2020 Topps Holiday FT

    PM me about Astros in 2020 Topps Holiday
  4. Platnum71

    2020 Topps Heritage HIGH

    looking for 2020 heritage high parallels of astros in return at this moment, plus prices arent out yet
  5. Platnum71

    2020 Astros wantlist

    Please send me PM on this stuff, not an unrelated thread
  6. Platnum71

    2020 Topps Heritage HIGH

    do you have astros sp, parallels to trade
  7. Platnum71

    '20 Topps Update Inserts SALE 10 cents

    bump price lowered
  8. Platnum71

    '20 Topps Update Inserts SALE 10 cents

    PM me the cards you want, and shipping option and your method of payment DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD, I will get back to you Shipping (A) 1-2 cards max - Non Machinable PWE = $1 (B) 2-4 cards max - Non Machinable Large PWE = $2 (C) 4-15 cards max - Bubble Mailer without tracking = $3 (D) over...
  9. Platnum71

    1971 Topps Coins for Trade

    PM what you have for Astros in the coins and what you want in return
  10. Platnum71

    2020 Astros wantlist

    **************************************************************** * 2020 HOUSTON ASTROS WANTS (UPDATED 1-11-21) * * also looking for any parallels, variations or #'d cards of the ASTROS * **************************************************************** 2020 BOWMAN CHOME 56 Alex Bregman $ 68...
  11. Platnum71

    2020 Topps Heritage HIGH

    yes and some inserts I am looking for parallels, inserts, etc?
  12. Platnum71

    2020 Topps Heritage HIGH

    I just bought some boxes of this. What are you looking for? I am looking for Astros in return... LMK
  13. Platnum71

    WTT/WTS - 2020 Stadium Club Chrome

    ok Let me know when you get it. I will hold those two