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    Need Some Help!!!

    I am currently working for the Ted Williams Foundation and these are some balls in our warehouse without labels. Can anyone decipher any of these autographs? Please let me know! Thanks!
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    Goodbye BSL

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to say that I will no longer be continuing my run as a the Rays GM. Due to college wifi problems and priorities being shifted, I think it's best for me to stop running my team. I will truly miss it as it's been part of my life for a couple years now, but it's time to stop. So...
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    BSL Poll: Owners Please Respond

    Rays have voted
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    BSL 2023 Early Rookie Draft thread.

    Rays select Harold O'Quinn 1B
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    BSL Update 2022#23: Arbitration done, Free Agency Open

    Yeah one of those teams was me. I've been so busy with school, work, and my apprenticeship that I have looked for a few sims. Didn't realize it was the offseason already. I'll do a better job in the future hopefully.
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    BSL Update: 2022#15

    Rays are coming alive our last two sims after regaining the other half of the team from the Disabled List. Kershaw was gone for a few months accompanied with Badger, Ben Downs, and Antonio Fernandez. Big series beginning today against the Red Sox. Could determine the rest of the season for the Rays.
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    BSL 2022 Early Rookie Draft Thread.

    I am talking to SD owner right now. I will have him draft soon.
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    BSL 2022 Early Rookie Draft Thread.

    Rays take 2B Jose Sosa.
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    BSL Update: 2022#3 - Spring Training

    If I accidentally dragged the wrong player onto my active roster is there anyway I can reverse the major league contract or did I just screw him up?
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    BSL Domain Renewal Drive - All Owners Read

    Wow, that was fast. Make sure I get a chance to help out next time.
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    BSL Update: 2021#22 - End of Season (all export)

    Rays exported. Will try again this week to get the Mariners and Padres working on their respective computers
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    1975 Topps Set Building

    pm sent
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    1975 Topps Set Building