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    Wanted: Christian Yelich parallels/numbered/autos

    No problem with trading in your favor for auto vs nonauto Soto has a bv of 30 Yelich is $24 Would this work for the Boggs? Yelich Tek and Soto 2019 Donruss Nicknames Pink fireworks #N5 $12 PS I mistyped- the correct label for the tek cards are PortraitTek - not PyroTek
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    Wanted: Christian Yelich parallels/numbered/autos

    Could we put anything together from this list of cards for the Boggs? Soto 2019 Donruss Nicknames Pink fireworks #N5 2019 Donruss Variation #Juanjo" #61 2019 Tek Pyroteknics Orange #'d 14/25 Yelich 2020 Donruss As Seen on TV #AS2 2020 Donruss variation "Yeli" #110 2020 Absolute #20 2019...
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    Early Cyber Monday Sale - Low to Mid End Inserts and Parallels

    I need to double check but I know I can use several of the Twins refractors you have listed. LMK what you have left after Pac-rat is finished. Thanks! Rick
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    WTT/WTS: TTM/IP Autographs - BB, BK, HK, FB - HOFers too! - $1 to $5

    Hi, Scobes. Was wondering how much in trade you would need for the following list. Will try and put together some nice Phillies cards for you. LMK Thanks! Rick FB Podolak, Ed - Kansas City Chiefs - Black - $1 Rozier, Mike - 1989 Pro Set #152 - Houston Oilers - Black - $1 Rathman, Tom - 1992...
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    Wanted: Christian Yelich parallels/numbered/autos

    Is this still available? Is $25 the bv? 2018 Diamond Kings DK Signatures #1 Wade Boggs -25
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    Thanksgiving Special Contest for Cal Ripken Jr. auto to 25! Winner is jordanrulz! Contest is over!

    Morning, David. I will try #77 Thanks and have a great day! Rick
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    2020 Donruss Master Set Needs!!

    Just a handful Red #113 Pink# 161 Purple #198, #230 LMK Thanks! Rick
  8. reickholt going away. What are some other good free hosting sites out there?

    To my knowledge I haven't received notification of the removal of freewebs. Notifcation may have been sent to spam but it looks like I may have to search up another site also.
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    Another new member

    Posting both the list of cards I am interested in as well as Twins that I have for trade. LOTS of base and other lower end inserts I haven't listed if you are unable to find something you need. Cards for trade Joe Mauer 2005 Sweet Spot #44 #’d 452/599 2007 Topps Chrome white refractor #’d...
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    Dodger HOF lot FS $2 dlvd SOLD

    Done, Thank you! I will try to get them in the mail tomorrow. Rick
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    WE HAVE A WINNER! Thanksgiving Day contest!

    I would try #22 Have a happy Thanksgiving!
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    Dodger HOF lot FS $2 dlvd SOLD

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    Two autos: Benintendi and Andujar RC

    Have the following two autos for trade. Preferably looking to trade for comparable autos in return. 2019 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Relics auto Andrew Benintendi #AUJR-ABE #'d 95/99 2018 Topps Stadium Club RC auto Miguel Andujar #SCA-MA Thanks for the look! Rick