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    I know where you're coming from. I just joined a few weeks ago and already I was the subject of snarky comments from one of the very types you describe, whose only interest is selling new cards while they're still worth something. Those of us who enjoy the hobby side of collecting are not...
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    WTT/WTTF/WTB: 1955 Bowman & 1959 Topps Baseball

    Sending a PM re Bunning
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    anyone have any neat Pete Rose stuff for sale or trade?

    I have 2 SI mags featuring Rose on the cover - one from '68, the other from '69 (also with Ernie Banks). If interested, I can send pix.
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    Some stuff to trade

    Sending a PM.
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    Autograph Advice

    Thank you all for the thoughtful advice. I'm a casual hobbyist, so it's unlikely I will take a table somewhere. I could do ebay, or I could swap with an enthusiast for cards. But I also like the idea of display. I was a kid when I got them, 11 12 13, so the signatures are sometimes all over the...
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    Autograph Advice

    You mention monetary value - is there much interest in intact programs from 1967-1971 ? And autographs of long forgotten, sometimes indecipherable players? I have identified the HoFers and other stars and would probably not clip them. But the 2nd string tight end on the 1969 Houston Oilers who I...
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    Autograph Advice

    I really like the customs I have seen on many of these threads. The interest in auto cards inspired me to look back through my old football programs from when I was a kid and used to get players' autographs after the game. So here's my question - would you recommend leaving the autographs in...
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    Aaron and Mays For Trade

    I could trade you another vintage League Leader of equivalent BV for that 70T, but it looks like you're only interested in modern.
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    Topps 1960 - 1979 Playoff-World Series subset want list

    I have doubles on 68T WS 151, 152, 154, 155, 157. I need 68T WS 153, 156. I also have doubles on 69T WS 166. I need 69T WS 165. I am also missing 63T WS 144 and 64T WS 140. Maybe there's a match out there... (no creases or substandard quality, please)
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    WTTF Hoops Set Needs

    Not sure how current this thread is. If you're still looking for the 89-90 Richmond rc (260), I have it in nm+. Also the KJ rc (#7). LMK
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    This wantlist is ALIVE!!!! 1978-2020

    I would so love to get rid of a bunch of these commons - please post an updated list to know which cards you still need and I will pull the ones I have. Thanks
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    Vintage Football Wanted.. 1950's and 1960's.

    Hi Gord - I'm circling back to you -though the 69 set was never my favorite, lots of miscuts and such, maybe there could be a fit for my Bunning and Grim. Whatall is there? Cheers, R
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    Junk Wax Era Stand Proud: 1989 Proset needs

    I have a 515 B Thomas for you - but it looks like you might already have made a trade for that one. LMK
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    My PSA 1 86 Jordan

    Can it really last? There are far too many MJ rc's out there for that kind of value to hold. If it helps to raise the tide for all other boats, I'm all for it. But scarcity remains a guiding factor, don't you think?