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    Trading my Basketball for Roger Clemens cards

    Thanks for trying! Rich
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    Trading my Basketball for Roger Clemens cards

    Than J for the reply. Mostly interested in 96-present inserts, parallels. Thanks, Rich
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    WTTF or Buy these 90’s Parallels

    Hi John! There are some here. LMK if u can use any. Looking for Clemens. Thanks, Rich 93 Don Dominators Matt Williams 4/10 93 Flair Wave of the Future Aaron Sele 16/20 93 Fleer Prospects Kevin Rogers 10/18 93 Score Franchise Gary Sheffield 25/28 93 Score Select Traded Aaron Sele...
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    Trading my Basketball for Roger Clemens cards

    Please lmk what Clemens u may have and what your looking for. Thanks, Rich
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    I would like to trade my FB for Roger Clemens. Please lmk if interested and what Clemens u may have. Thanks, Rich
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    I super collect the Rocket and do not have a want list. If the oddballs are prior to 1996 I have them. Thanks, Rich
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    I'm looking to trade for Roger Clemens cards. LMK what you may have and what you collect. No trade too small! Thanks, Rich
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    WTTF Mike Trout

    Hello! I have the following: Looking for Roger Clemens cards, LMK Thanks, Rich 17 Topps MLB Award MVP #1 (2) 18 Topps #300 18 Topps Fire Speed Deamon #SD7 18 Topps Heritage #275 19 Topps 150 yrs of Fun #YOF25
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    WTB/WTTF Topps Chrome Refractors 1996-2015

    I have a 99 Topps Chrome Refractor #203 Roger Clemens. I'm only interested in trading it for other Clemens cards I need. LMK if interested. Thanks, Rich
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    2018-2020 Insert Set Wantlists - All Brands

    Should still have 3 or 4 of your needs. Do you have any Roger Clemens (1998-present). LMK Thanks, Rich
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    Game Used, Autographs and Others for trade.....

    When I click on "transactions" I see the trade and to the right I see that it is confirmed. I'm guessing that is your confirmation. Is there a location for me to confirm??? Anyway, I'll send out tomorrow. Thanks again for the trade. Rich
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    Game Used, Autographs and Others for trade.....

    OK - well I found where to post the trade! Done! So where does one go to confirm trade and where do I go to get your address?? Rich
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    Game Used, Autographs and Others for trade.....

    I understand. The Clemens Red for the sharp centered 89 Don Griffey works for me. I've yet to post a trade on this revised Forum and I'm having trouble doing so!!! Going to have to ask the Forum for help in doing so. Would u mind posting this trade? Thanks for the help and the trade!!! Rich
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    Game Used, Autographs and Others for trade.....

    Hello! I can use the 2 Clemens cards 14 Topps Triple Threads Relic Gold #RC1 and 2017 Topps Gold Label Cl3 Red #99 I have these Griffeys: 89 Donruss #33 (3) 89 Bowman #220 LMK Thanks, Rich
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    85 Donruss 273 85 Leaf 99 85 Topps 181 93 Studio Heritage 3/12 95 UD3 141 95 UD Collectors Choice 101 96 UD 20 95 Fleer Ultra 10 96 Topps 197 96 Pinnacle Dennys 13 of 29 96 UD SP 39 96 Flair Silver #16 97 Flair Show Showtime Row2 Seat 21 Sec2 97 Fleer 569 97 Pinnacle...