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    2010 Insert Needs - Bowman, Topps, Heritage, Opening Day, Upper Deck

    i guess for the 9 cards i need, pick any 10 of the one's i listed. If that doesn't sound good, let me know what you think is fair.
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    2010 Insert Needs - Bowman, Topps, Heritage, Opening Day, Upper Deck

    I have these for you: 2010 Topps Vintage Legends Collection #37 #33 #32 2010 Topps Update Series Attax Liriano Cards Your Mom Threw Out: 134 135 141 143 159 168 170 Peak Performance: 116 124 Turkey Red: 120 131 133 134 143 148 I need: 2010 Topps Update: US-9 Danny Worth, US-294 Aaron...
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    2008 UD Heroes Red /249 Finally Finished!

    yeah, it was a bit hard. the Lincecum was the last card i needed.
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    2008 UD Heroes Red /249 Finally Finished!

    yes, you did. thank you!
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    2008 UD Heroes Red /249 Finally Finished!

    Thanks to everyone that helped me over the last year and a half or so!! :)
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    We beat New Super Mario Brothers!

    holy crap! yeah, my girlfriend and i are currently in that bonus world 9. Still trying to get all the star coins.
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    Anyone see this? 2010 Topps Abe Lincoln Variation

    i'm so glad other people are on the same page with me! I'm disappointed about topps being exclusive, mostly because of their cheap quality. The first time i opened 2009 topps, i threw away the toppstown cards because i thought they were like those "stay in school" ad cards they used to put in...
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    Do They Make Holders For The "Book/Binded" Cards?

    i've heard them called "foldouts" or "booklets." As far as holders for them, i'm not sure. I've seen people put a thick toploader over each side to display them.
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    Jumping on the blogwagon

    excellent. i enjoyed the cut signature post. I'm on the same page as you. I'd much rather have the original signature (especially that Reese). If i ever pull a cut, i'm gonna sell it so fast! Especially if it's ugly.
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    Problem getting my oil changed today

    the every 3,000 mile oil change thing was just something service stations and jiffy lube-type of places made up in order to get more frequent business. Most typical drivers can go up to 4500 miles between oil changes, unless you drive a jobs, etc.
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    Here is what $600 gets you.. work in progress

    awesome....i'm not ashamed to say, i'm 27 years old and i watch antiques roadshow :o
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    A great ebay photographer

    apparently he hasn't moved from that lazy-boy in 4 years.
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    Nolan Ryan 1/1 bat barrel...LOL!

    he would probably make more money just selling the bats/shoes/whatever he's cutting up to make these.
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    will you still buy Upper deck?

    mlb players association is different from a product "licensed by MLB." Upper Deck still has the rights to depict players. sorry to say, mlb does not have the collector's interest in mind, which is most evident in the sole licensing of Topps for baseball. Both Topps and Upper Deck have done...
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    how to make custom cards?

    photoshop will do it. making a custom card should be pretty easy using basic functions (drop shadows,gradients, etc). You can find simple tutorials online, but the hard part is getting photoshop. You could get photoshop elements, which is a lot cheaper. also, is a great resource...