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    WTTF Stephen Curry rookies

    I have a studio Rookie and UD Draft Rc.
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    Kobe Bryant Lot FS

    Any interest in a Clint Frazier Topps #7 Rc PSA 10??
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    2015 National Treasure Auto Patch 1/1

    2015 National Treasure AJ Minter 1/1 Auto 3 Color Patch (Texas AM) 2015 National Treasure Andrew Suarez 1/1 Auto 3 Color Patch (U of Miami) 2015 National Treasure DJ Stewart 2 Color Patch Auto /25 (FSU) 2015 National Treasure Brett Lilek 2 Color Patch Auto /25 (Arizona State) 2015 National...
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    WTTF or Buy Willi Castro Jeimer Candelario Yoan Moncada

    Looking for Autos, Rookies, PSA, BGS Low #ed Stuff just sold a lot of Lebron Rookie stuff so I have $ for High End stuff LMK TIA
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    Autos Patches GU FT/FS **Looking to

    2019 Certified Benny Snell Jr Rc Jersey Auto /299 Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 Rookie Stars Teddy Bridgewater Rc Jersey Auto /25 Minnesota Vikings 2011 Upper Deck Letterman AJ Green Rc Auto /35 Georgia Bulldogs 2011 Upper Deck Letterman Christian Ponder Rc Auto /35 FSU Seminoles 2011 Threads...
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    Fs/Ft Random Autograph Cards 8x10 index cards

    Musial and Tommy John are gone, everything else is still avaliable
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    Fs/Ft Random Autograph Cards 8x10 index cards

    Everything is legit, I either got it thru the mail, at games or signings. The only one I purchased was the David Price index card that is JSA Authenticed. Looking for Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons memorabilia, baseball or basketball cards, or cash Here is a brief synopsis...
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    2 Shane Bieber Numbered Parallels FT /2020 /99

    2020 Topps Gold /2020 2020 Absolute /99
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    2 Rare Michael Porter Jr Rookies FT/FS

    Ya man let me know. I gotta couple Steph rookies. Lmk if u have a list I can look thru
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    2 Rare Michael Porter Jr Rookies FT/FS

    18-19 Crown Royale MPJ Red Rookie #121 Die Cut /49 18-19 Crowne Royale MPJ Blue #36 Rookie Royalty /49