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    WTTF: 2020 Prizm Justin Jefferson RC #398

    Black & White Negative
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    WTTF / WTB Justin Jefferson

    I have this
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    LTT 2020 Topps Chrome for Football

    From those years I would be most interested in Star Player Refractors but ONLY star players. In particular I would be most interested in 2013 Topps Chrome Refractors as I am trying to complete my set of them but if you have Flickr or a trader link I would be happy to give it a look. Also I have...
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    LTT 2020 Topps Chrome for Football

    Sure. Thanks for replying to my post.
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    LTT 2020 Topps Chrome for Football

    Well there's a few options. I have a few set needs I need 2013 Topps Chrome Refractors for my set and I need Mosaic Silver Holo's for my set. Players I'm looking for are the top tier QB's Mahomes,Jackson,Murray,Herbert,Tua, Burrow etc. Not looking for base cards parralels on up. If none of...
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    LTT 2020 Topps Chrome for Football

    Hello everyone, I opened a box of Topps Chrome and I would like to trade them for football. The list is below. Thanks BASE Pete Alonso Rhys Hopkins Shohei Ohtani Yoan Moncada Paul DeJong Jonathan Villar Francisco Lindor Patrick Corbin Victor Reyes Dansby Swanson Chris Archer Adalberto Mondesi...
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    LTTF/LTB 1984 Topps

    SET NEEDS 1984 TOPPS #2 Ali Hali-Sheikh RB #3 Franco Harris RB #11 Raul Allegre #18 Mike Pagel #19 Rohn Stark #33 Charles Alexander #48 Matt Bahr #50 Tom Cousinea #55 Dave Logan #57 Paul McDonald #67 Luke Prestridge #69 Rich Upchurch #77 Steve Brown #87 Carlos Carson PB #90 Garry Green PB #120...
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    LTTF/LTB 1984 Topps

    I do but this listing is old I have a more updated list. I will get it to you. Thanks
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    2020 Donruss Joe Burrow RR For Trade

    Do you collect Gesicki at all?
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