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    Davenport, IA card show

    The semi annual Davenport, Iowa card show is on this weekend. Details: Sunday, November 2 Davenport Elks Lodge 4400 West Central Park Davenport, Iowa Show starts at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 3:00 p.m. I will be there with a table loaded with Chicago Cubs material, including autographed 1969...
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    Walmart Official MLB Baseballs

    rl16: That was my first thought. I usually bought a few at Target just a few days before the Cubs Convention in January at $18 apiece. With no convention this year, I've probably stockpiled three years worth given my recent purchases and those I had left over from last year.
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    Walmart Official MLB Baseballs

    Just returned from Walmart in Galesburg, IL. They have official MLB baseballs in cubes for $11 each. Located in sale aisle. Bought eight and there were another ten or so available.
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    WTT 1964 All-Star Coins for 1973 Topps

    Have a 73 Fergie Jenkins. Interested in Santo coins.
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    WTTF Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa

    If you want to plow through a list, is a list of Cubs cards I have available. Look under Cubs Tradelist and scroll down for Sosa. These cards were my late son's, who amassed a large Sosa collection at one time. Much has been sold off to fund a college scholarship...
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    WTTF Rizzo/Torres/Alonso and More...

    This is a list of Sandberg cards. Not sure how current, but most are certainly available. I'd be interested in other Cubs and older Blackhawks or Bulls. 84 Donruss Action All-Stars #4 84 O-Pee-Chee #64 84 Topps #596 85 Donruss #1 DK 85 Donruss #67 85 Donruss Wax Box Cards #PC2 85 Fleer #65...
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    Anything on my page for Banks/Santo

    First time posting in several months. I'm looking to trade as much as I can. Anything on my website is available (Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, other cards, publications, gloves, etc.) for ANY Ernie Banks or Ron Santo cards or items, incuding newer; older Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks or Bulls (pre-mid...
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    2020 Cubs Convention report

    Thanks for the replies and the expressions for my son. As for Champaign, we haven't tried pizza there. I've probably been there a half dozen times to date and we've tried a couple of BBQ places, a local Chinese buffet and my daughter's favorite, Pandamonium, a fantastic donut shop. Oh, and my...
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    2020 Cubs Convention report

    I don't know how many years I've been doing this, but here's another. Went to the Cubs Convention this weekend and came away with only two autographs. I had plenty of opportunities, but I've shifted my collecting interests and came looking for only three autographs from this year's crop of 50+...
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    Ryne Sandberg for trade

    Sorry, but I'm looking to trade off my Sandbergs, not acquire any.
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    Chicago Bears for trade

    Updated 10/27/19
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    Chicago Cubs IP for sale

    Updated 10/27/19
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    Blackhawks and Blues for trade

    Updated 10/27/19
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    Ryne Sandberg for trade

    Updated 10/27/19