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  1. chief wahoo

    21 Bowman Mega Box Refractors FT

    I can use the Brujan #19 and Franco #57. Do you want to check my tradelist in my sig? Thanks, Scott
  2. chief wahoo

    WTTF Bowman Vidal Brujan (Rays)

    That works for me. I'll post it up. PWE is fine. Thanks!
  3. chief wahoo

    2021 Heritage and Diamond Kings: Help the newguy

    Welcome to the Bench! I have Heritage SPs 401 and 496 (total $9 bv) that I could trade for Heritage chromes /999 127 Alberto and 39 Freeman (total $9 bv). PWE is fine. Please post if that works. Thanks, Scott
  4. chief wahoo

    For Trade: Bowman Draft/Prospects Acuna Soto Wander Garcia Kelenic for vintage stars/modern RCs

    Mike, I have these vintage cards. LMK if you have a interest. I can use the Wander BP100's. Scott 1955 Bowman #26 Virgil Trucks 1955 Topps #70 Al Rosen 1956 Topps #177 Hank Bauer 1959 Topps #395 Elston Howard 1959 Topps #440 Lou Burdette (w/ 2008 Topps Heritage Buyback stamp) 1960 Topps #65...
  5. chief wahoo

    Sealed Baseball Wax!

    Are the hangers and cello packs all Series 1?
  6. chief wahoo

    New England Big Circle

    In my area, Barnes & Noble has been stocking boxes and packs behind the checkout counter. I stopped by today and found Bowman Mega boxes. But limit of 2 per SKU.
  7. chief wahoo

    2021 RIP Thread

    Unforgettable speech in Network, and Deliverance may be one of the best non-traditional horror movies ever.
  8. chief wahoo

    10 Box 2021 Bowman Mega Box Break (Complete)

    I'll take Tampa Bay.
  9. chief wahoo

    Wanted: Garrett Mitchell (Milwaukee Brewers Prospect)

    Jeff, any interest in a Mitchell 2021 Bowman Chrome Mojo Futurist Refractor?
  10. chief wahoo

    WTTF Bowman Vidal Brujan (Rays)

    Looking for Vidal Brujan: base, parallels, numbered, auto. Only Bowman/Topps. My tradelist is below in my sig. Thanks, Scott
  11. chief wahoo

    S'More 2021 Bowman '91 Refractors & Dominguez -- FT

    Can you use a 2019 Topps Archives Purple #69 Yadier Molina /175 $8 for the '91 refractor Wander?
  12. chief wahoo


    Well you need to be 18 to transact with Paypal, so I would advise holding off until then.
  13. chief wahoo

    Random or imagined values??

    Beckett BV is usually fine for older issues and non-superstar cards. But it's always good to check ebay completed sales for current market value.
  14. chief wahoo

    Want to add to PC

    Ok, I'll start us off ... 2021 Topps Gold #277 Alec Bohm /2021 RC (bv $120)
  15. chief wahoo

    2021 Heritage Lots of SPs for trade

    I have a Madrigal #187 action SP that I would trade for the Betts #167 action SP. PWE is fine. Thanks, Scott
  16. chief wahoo

    Trading for Nolan Ryan

    No. That works for me. Thanks.
  17. chief wahoo

    2021 RIP Thread

    He was good in Heaven Can Wait.
  18. chief wahoo

    How to see threads you are watching

    Forums / Watched / Watched Threads
  19. chief wahoo

    Trading for Nolan Ryan

    I can use the Ronald Acuna Jr. 2020 Stadium Club Chrome 116 if you still have it. PWE is ok with me. Thanks, Scott