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  1. lep1010

    ebay - Walter Payton jersey + more, royale & certified football

    Thanks for the look, erik
  2. lep1010

    30 new auctions - Football, Hockey & Baseball - RG3, Baseball rookie lot + more!!

    thanks for the look!! - erik
  3. lep1010

    ripped a few boxes - all for sale....... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    first off, Happy New Year .... haven't ripped anything in a long while - real busy w/ work ... anyhoots, here are the goods - all for sale - thanks, erik Hits topps finest brock osweiler auto/jersey /99 - PENDING jarius wright auto/patch (3 color) /1353 - PENDING prime signatures ronnell...
  4. lep1010

    Titanium Hockey, Rookie Anthology Hockey - Landeskog Auto + more!!

    thanks for the look, erik
  5. lep1010

    I unlocked my Topps Giveaways - what now?

    I received 3 coins, Adrain Gonzalez, Astros & White Sox .... do I bother having them sent? Is anyone collecting these? thanks, erik
  6. lep1010

    2012 Gypsy Queen MINIs - FOR SALE/trade

    would love to sell these as a lot - lmk if interested - thanks, erik all minis sepia? /99 montero black pagan green nyjer morgan red back - queen ackley brock hudson chisenhall david murphy b.butler straight cut back pujols rasmus j.upton wainwright a.ramirez price r.martin regular minis...
  7. lep1010

    2012 Topps series 2 break - all for sale/trade

    in trade, looking for hockey that I can flip or Arod/Wright (have alot already so may be picky - sorry) ... and $$$$ - thanks, erik jersey melky cabrera golden moments silk collection /50 carlos marmol golden giveaway 14 kershaw 16 bench 19 jeter black? /61 aramis ramirez cut above die-cut...
  8. lep1010

    SOLD - Please lock thread

    $18 dlvd for the pair - bv $45 ... thanks, erik
  9. lep1010

    1955 Bowman set fillers for sale

    picked up a lot at a yardsale - mostly poor to fair - bv ranges from $10-20 ... also have some 'light' wood borders - anyone know what they are about? would be looking for $1-3 per card depending on what ya needed - please lmk if any interest - thanks, erik there is also a 1948 bowman Bill...
  10. lep1010

    Blackberry Bold - less than 2 weeks old - FOR SALE

    please lmk if anyone is interested - I received it 2 weeks ago as a replacement, Verizon would not allow me to obtain my upgrade early (which of course was just on June 2nd) .... anyhoots, I have the manual and the international plugs that 'pop' on (if you travel overseas) - I had it wiped clean...
  11. lep1010

    Archives Autos, Nugent Hopkins jersey, Huge Hockey insert/rc star lot + more!!!

    thanks for the look!! erik
  12. lep1010

    2012 Topps Archives for sale/trade

    looking to sell first ... however will trade for wright, jeter and/or arod cards.... will be traveling all next week to Utah :rolleyes: so unless i convince my wife otherwise, i wont be able to ship until after i return ... also, getting ready to watch a movie with the mrs. so may not get back...
  13. lep1010

    Archives - Kranepool & Butler autos, Gypsy Queen Autos/gu'd - Hockey +++

    thanks for the look, erik
  14. lep1010

    2012 Topps Archives - box break all fs/ft

    please lmk what ya need .... looking for arod and/or wrights in return ... and of course $$ - thanks, erik
  15. lep1010

    Nintendo WII games - used/like new - ZELDA, Fishing ...

    looking for paypal, cash or postal mo - prices are dlvd - thanks, erik ZELDA: Skyward Stone w/ music cd - $28 dlvd Zelda: Twighlight Princess $10 dlvd Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream $7 dlvd
  16. lep1010

    2012 Topps Museum Clayton Kershaw Gold Auto jersey Patch #/25 FOR SALE

    $65 DLVD W/ DC# - thanks, Erik
  17. lep1010

    Clayton Kershaw Auto/Patch /25 ... Contenders Hockey +++

    thanks for the look - erik
  18. lep1010

    Bryce Harper 6 card lot - $10 dlvd

    prefer paypal or cash - cant ship until Wednesday - thanks, erik
  19. lep1010

    Going to Fenway Park on Monday .... any suggestions???

    goin to Boston for work and decided to buy sox tickets ... wanted to see the 100 yr old park ... will do the Cheers tourist photo before the game .. anyhoots, any suggestions? are there any good sports bars nearby? I will probably stay 4-5 innings then I need to find a tv for game 1 of the...
  20. lep1010

    Limited Baseball, Von Miller Auto , Hockey + more!!

    thanks for the look - erik