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  1. gwynn_fan

    New England Big Circle

    Hi Guys Leaving tomorrow, 6-16-21, for Boston for 3 days. Then doing a wide tour from there, to Rhode Island, Conn., Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and then Salem Ma and back to Boston. Will be trying to get to every WalMart we go by, but doubt she'll want to stop. So, looking for suggestions...
  2. gwynn_fan

    Two Hobby Boxes of 2021 Finest Live at 1900 today!

    Hi Went crazy and bought two boxes of 2021 Finest from Chris at CPR Breaks on FaceBook for $225 each. He always beats eBay and pretty much everyone else's prices. His breaks are usually all full case breaks with pick your teams prices. Check him out at and tell his I sent you. Break will be...
  3. gwynn_fan

    6 2021 Mega Bowman Boxes, Heritage Blaster & Hanger, Hangers 4 Diamond King & 2 Topps Series 2, Plus...

    Hi The six boxes of 2021 Bowman Mega arrived today! 300 cards total, 50 cards per box. 2021 Bowman Mega Box Chrome Baseball Box Break 2 Exclusive Mega Box Chrome Packs (5 cards per pack) 4 Packs of 2021 Bowman Baseball (10 cards per pack)...
  4. gwynn_fan

    2020 Leaf Draft Blaster 3 autos.

  5. gwynn_fan

    2020 Leaf Flash Baseball doing it live 8:30 PDT

    Hi If anyone is interested in watching a quick live youtube video of my breaking a box of 2020 Leaf Flash, I'll being doing it live at 2030 (8:30PM PDT.) Setting it up now and will post the link shortly. There will also be a preview of the last item, that I am going to add to the 2021 Diamond...
  6. gwynn_fan

    Complete Ortiz 2/2 auto, Fergie.Real one auto, Cronenworth 6/10 patch! Diamond King Hobby & DK FotL Boxes Plus 2021 Heritage!

    HI Guys All the picks have been made and all the payments have been made Aiming to break at 6 :30 p.m. PDT tomorrow Monday 5-17-21 (6 month half way to 70) Break will be live on youtube and will post the link video here on post 1. If you want to chat live, just click on the "watch on...
  7. gwynn_fan

    18 Autographs & 4 Relics Super Break--2 2020 Elite Extra Ed. & 2 Mega 2020 Prizm Draft! No Shut Out

    Hi Starting at about 3:05 out here, just getting every thing set. Click on view of YouTube to chat. Second break went very well! So going a little bigger now with a Minimum 18 Autos & 4 Relic Break! Plus More! The Break will consist of the following: 1) Two Boxes x 2020 Panini Elite Extra...
  8. gwynn_fan

    Live Break--2 2021 Topps Retail Fat Packs (Cards will be part of group break)

    Hi I am going to Break two fat packs of 2021 Topps Retail at about 1900 PST. All the cards will be going to members who have all ready signed up for the break. Still have an hour and half to go! To chat, click on the watch on youtube link Bob
  9. gwynn_fan

    2020 Leaf Metal Draft Picks Jumbo Box 2 Tonight

    Hi Picked up a Jumbo box of 2020 Leaf Metal Draft Picks, today at LCS. Hoping to improve on the first box that yielded a Wander Franco 1/1. Will post the link and hoping to open at around 1900. Wife made dinner, now at 1940 Hi Will start this in about 7 chat with just...
  10. gwynn_fan

    Completed! 2021 Topps Jumbo S1 box, 6 2021 Topps S1 Fat Packs, 2020 Topps Update Blaster, Prizm Draft Hobby & 1 Blaster Plus More!

    Hi Guys Here's is the link to the break tomorrow at 1100 Pacific! Thanks again, Bob First break went very well! So going a little bigger now with nice group, with 5 Prizm Autos Guarantee! The Break will consist of the following: 1) 6 Retail Fat Packs of 2021 Topps Baseball: four Royal Blue...
  11. gwynn_fan

    2020 Leaf Flash Box 2 Live at 2030 PST

    Hi All Going to break my second box of 2020 Leaf Flash Live on youtube at 830 pm PST, About 5 minutes please jump in and make comments. Thanks Bob
  12. gwynn_fan

    While looking for cards to put on Sportlots 2009 Trouts!!

    Hi Was going through a box I labeled as 2012 Inserts. It was a small 200 count box, and listed almost everything at $0.20. Except, for one that booked for a bit more. However, there was a small amount of 2014 Topps base cards, and had several rookie cards in the bunch. Only three were worth...
  13. gwynn_fan

    2020 Leaf Flash Hobby Bob

    HI Breaking a box of 2020 Leaf Flash. Hoping for a Tatis Jr. or a Robert Hassel of the Padres. But, will settle for a Robert, Acuna, Dominguez, etc. Please Check out my 2021 Donruss group break and please join. Thanks Bob
  14. gwynn_fan

    Has anyone dealt with? Yes it is a total scam!

    Hi Avoid dealing with these people!! Prices seem unbelievably low! $49 for Hobby Box of 2020 Bowman Chrome? Sales for over $200 at my LCS!. I didn't trust them at. So, when I went to pay, I had a paypal rep online when I made the payment...
  15. gwynn_fan

    2021 Donruss Hobby Box Live Break, Complete!

    Anybody interested in trying a PICK YOUR TEAMS STYLE group box break for ONE HOBBY BOX of 2021 DONRUSS BASEBALL? Box configuration: -24 packs per box -8 cards per pack -2 Autographs -1 Memorabilia Card -24 Hobby Exclusive Holo Blue Parallels -4 Independence Day Parallels -1 Liberty Parallel...
  16. gwynn_fan

    Colored Refractors on Sportlots

    Hi, Added about another 150 more refractors on my sportlots.Com page. Use link in Sig to see. Don't select on site, just give me a list of the ones you like! Thanks, Bob
  17. gwynn_fan

    2020 Bowman Platinum Second Mega Box

    Hi Opening the second Mega Box of 2020 Bowman Platinum, which has 1 Auto and 2 Chartreuse Parallels cards. I had this on eBay for a couple months without any takers. So, pulling it off and using it to setup the video on my new computer. Set to break at 7 P.M. tonight at...
  18. gwynn_fan

    Recent Topps Numbered Cards for Sale or Trade!

    Hi Have the following Topps Numbered cards for sale or trade for cards in my signature. First column is high Beckett and trade value, Second column is low Beckett and the last is the sale price. Shipping is $3.50 no matter how many cards you buy and includes delivery confirmation. I can...
  19. gwynn_fan

    1 Hobby & 2 Mega Boxes 2020 Prizm Draft 7 Guaranteed Autos Lots of Color Spencer Torkelson

    Hi I have One Hobby Box and two boxes of 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Baseball Mega to break! 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Baseball Hobby Box Break Average Hobby Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 5 packs per box 5...
  20. gwynn_fan

    2020 Leaf Jumbo Draft Wanderful Box

    Hi Bought a box of 2020 Leaf Metal Draft Picks for $185 from Jerry Lazurus of Still trying to figure chat. Silver Rainbow Base Coby Mayo Drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 4th round of the 2020 MLB June Amateur Draft from Stoneman-Douglas HS (Parkland, FL). Silver Rainbow Base Brennen...