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  1. Benson

    Benson January '17 Successes

    Wow, just checked, haven't been on in over 7 months. Broke my ankle playing baseball last summer, had some screws put in. Spent my time coaching the high school baseball team in summer and fall ball and helping coach my daughter's field hockey team. Didn't send out as many requests as I would...
  2. Benson

    Catching Up, Past Three Weeks

    Steve Wright - 12 days Wright is the football player portrayed on the NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award (it was called something else before being renamed). Vic Correll - 12 days Returned my A&G Washington, DC card unsigned, already signed by Curtis Pride. Having major leaguers born in...
  3. Benson

    6 Arrivals - 5/12 & 5/13

    Some debate whether these are real or secretarial, but figured what the heck. Carrie Fisher - 9 days Moe Morhardt - 8 days All-American baseball and soccer player at UConn, led UConn to '57 and '59 College World Series. Ed Johnston - 7 days A&G going to Jim Bakken of the football Cardinals...
  4. Benson

    1 IP (HOFer) and 1 Arrival (Olympian) - 5/9

    HOFer Gino Marchetti - IP at his restaurant just down the road. Bonnie Blair - 72 days Finishes the custom SI Cover with Dan Jansen, she added the post card, it was folded with my cards inside.
  5. Benson

    1 Arrival - 5/2

    Ron Boone - 14 days Third time is a charm sending an arch card to a member of the ABA's Spirits of St. Louis, Goal is to get one member of each of the four pro teams in St. Louis in 1976.
  6. Benson

    2 Arrivals - 4/26

    Curtis Pride - 7 days. He's the head baseball coach at Gallaudet University in DC. Going to have major leaguers born in DC sign the A&G DC card (off to 70s catcher Vic Correll). Willie Young - 8 days
  7. Benson

    1 Arrival - 4/14 Dual Finished

    Gene Garber - 92 days Finishes off the 87T Sticker with Billy Jo Robidoux.
  8. Benson

    2 Arrivals - 4/12

    Frank DiPino - 8 days Got DiPino on Cardinals cards probably 6 or 7 years ago and had the 82T already signed by Chuck Porter lying around so sent to him again. Gary Knafelc Great looking signature from an 84-year old gentleman.
  9. Benson

    2 IP on Square Root Day (4-4-16)

    Friend of mine that lives across the street from the White Sox ST got these for me. I had sent her the Lombardozzi, he's a local Baltimore area kid. She surprised me with the Vince Coleman. He has a reputation as being pretty tough IP.
  10. Benson

    2 Arrivals - 4/2

    Bill McColl - 8 days Signed the back of my custom so didn't scan it. Karl Noonan - 28 days Was the holder on the SI cover.
  11. Benson

    March Arrivals - Catching Up

    Time to catch up on what's come in. First 5 were Friday & Saturday Mark Moseley - 19 days Barry Pearson - 13 days Earlie Thomas - 13 days Bob DeMarco - 8 days John Mengelt - 9 days Going to try to finish the 80 Topps. Earlier this month Randy Bush - 30 days Kept my 84T Sticker with...
  12. Benson

    4 Arrivals - Leap Day

    Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good Leap Day. Joe Presko - 9 days Rene Lacheman - 9 days Lynn Dickey - 9 days Custom going out to Paul Coffman (both are fellow K-State alums) Dirk Nowitzki - 23 days Kept my custom. And, from Saturday Paul Maguire - 7 days Goodwin is a custom.
  13. Benson

    3 Arrivals - 2/26

    John Smith - 16 days League Leader going out to Moseley. Bobby Shantz - 4 days Shawon Dunston - 706 days He added the 91D & 93UD.
  14. Benson

    2 Arrivals - 2/22 MILLER TIME!

    Bob Miller - 9 days Never appeared in a game for the Cardinals - traded in late 58 to Cards, sent back to the Phillies in ST in 59 and never appeared in another ML game. Trever Miller - 9 days Astrodome card already signed by Matt Mieske (last Astros team to play in the Dome)
  15. Benson

    2 Arrivals - HOFer and Gold Medalist

    Dan Jansen - 14 days Custom SI card going out to Bonnie Blair Harry Carson - 14 days
  16. Benson

    2 Arrivals - 2/16

    Don Buse - 10 days Both cards going out to Darnell Hillman. Ken Forsch - 7 days Hard to see, but Forsch signed in the upper left corner just underneath Dave Campbell. At some point, someone is going to have to sign over the players in the picture ;)
  17. Benson

    1 Arrival - 2/12

    Jim Files - 8 days Yankee Stadium Fields of Yore will have NY Football Giants on it.
  18. Benson

    2 Arrivals - 2/9

    Hal Smith - 10 days Marc Ronan - 19 days Played 6 games at end of the '93 season for St. Louis.
  19. Benson

    1 Arrival - 2/6

    Doug English - 16 days
  20. Benson

    1 Arrival - 2/1

    Billy Keller - 19 days Originally a quad-signature that I sent to Mel Daniels in Dec. '14. A very reliable signer, never got it back and he passed away in Oct. '15. So, had to redesign this into a tri-signature card.