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    Bought a huge collection 1980-early 2000s football ALL TRADED/SOLD

    Hi, I just came across this thread, but I noticed it is about three months old. I am trying to build 1980 Topps Football and 1981 Topps Football sets. I need about 100-150 from each set. If you still have some cards from either of these sets, please say so here and I’ll share my wantlist...
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    Looking for 1983 Topps #384 Kenny Easley rookie

    I have a Beckett subscription. That’s where I got 60 cents. You’re probably right about where it should be priced, based on other HOFers from the same time period. Andre Tippett, Jackie Slater, Russ Grimm, Dwight Stevenson all from 84 Topps are in that range. Either way it’s not available on...
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    Looking for 1983 Topps #384 Kenny Easley rookie

    I’ve tried Beckett and eBay, but no one has a 1983 Topps #384 Kenny Easley rookie at a good price. I am looking for NM-MT. It books for 60 cents. I don’t have much to trade, but if someone comes up with one, PM me and I’m sure wee can work something out. Thanks for looking.
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    Questions about Signing at Team Hotel

    Can anyone comment about successes for road teams at the team hotel? Is it any better than at the ballpark? Where should you go? What time is best? What time does the team leave for a typical 7:00 game? Does anyone know where the Braves stay when they play the Marlins in South Florida...