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  1. Socal2b2

    Kyler Murray’s Rc FS/FT

    Ok send me an offer
  2. Socal2b2

    CARDS ADDED....FT: Jordan, Kobe, Lebron and Shaq

    Interested in the Topps Set. I have 2010 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper 18U Rookie PSA 10 2011 Bowman Futires GU Jersey Rookie ungraded 2012 Topps Bryce Harper Ungraded Chrome Rookie
  3. Socal2b2

    Kyler Murray’s Rc FS/FT

    Ya I like the following idk much bout prices but I like: Charles Woodson Refractor Charles Woodson Prizm Blue Charles Woodson Flair Showcase Rc Aaron Rodgers Topps RC Deshaun watson elite series rookie Richard Sherman Conteners Rc Juju Auto Jersey Herbert Mosaic Rc Juan Soto Refractors
  4. Socal2b2

    Kyler Murray’s Rc FS/FT

    Anything in my sig. anything that catches my eyes. Rookies autos jerseys #ed stuff. Basketball baseball foitball
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    Terance Mann Rookies

    Panini Prizm Rc #296 Panini Prizm Draft Silver Rc #49 Donruss Rc #296 Certified Red Rc #199
  6. Socal2b2

    Kyler Murray’s Rc FS/FT

    Phoenix QB Vision Rookie Gold /75 Prestige Blue Chip Recruits Rc Score Draft Rc Playoff Air Command Rc Unparalleled Rc Rookie & Stars Rc Contenders Rookie of the Year Contender Rc
  7. Socal2b2

    WTTF Stephen Curry rookies

    I have a studio Rookie and UD Draft Rc.
  8. Socal2b2

    98' Upper deck Kobe Bryant FT

    Any interest in a Clint Frazier Topps #7 Rc PSA 10??
  9. Socal2b2

    2015 National Treasure Auto Patch 1/1

    2015 National Treasure AJ Minter 1/1 Auto 3 Color Patch (Texas AM) 2015 National Treasure Andrew Suarez 1/1 Auto 3 Color Patch (U of Miami) 2015 National Treasure DJ Stewart 2 Color Patch Auto /25 (FSU) 2015 National Treasure Brett Lilek 2 Color Patch Auto /25 (Arizona State) 2015 National...
  10. Socal2b2

    WTTF or Buy Willi Castro Jeimer Candelario Yoan Moncada

    Looking for Autos, Rookies, PSA, BGS Low #ed Stuff just sold a lot of Lebron Rookie stuff so I have $ for High End stuff LMK TIA
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    Autos Patches GU FT/FS **Looking to

    2019 Certified Benny Snell Jr Rc Jersey Auto /299 Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 Rookie Stars Teddy Bridgewater Rc Jersey Auto /25 Minnesota Vikings 2011 Upper Deck Letterman AJ Green Rc Auto /35 Georgia Bulldogs 2011 Upper Deck Letterman Christian Ponder Rc Auto /35 FSU Seminoles 2011 Threads...
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    Fs/Ft Random Autograph Cards 8x10 index cards

    Musial and Tommy John are gone, everything else is still avaliable
  13. Socal2b2

    Fs/Ft Random Autograph Cards 8x10 index cards

    Everything is legit, I either got it thru the mail, at games or signings. The only one I purchased was the David Price index card that is JSA Authenticed. Looking for Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons memorabilia, baseball or basketball cards, or cash Here is a brief synopsis...
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    2 Shane Bieber Numbered Parallels FT /2020 /99

    2020 Topps Gold /2020 2020 Absolute /99
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    2 Rare Michael Porter Jr Rookies FT/FS

    Ya man let me know. I gotta couple Steph rookies. Lmk if u have a list I can look thru
  19. Socal2b2

    2 Rare Michael Porter Jr Rookies FT/FS

    18-19 Crown Royale MPJ Red Rookie #121 Die Cut /49 18-19 Crowne Royale MPJ Blue #36 Rookie Royalty /49