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  1. Meliah

    Large Flat Rate Boxes of Card For Sale

    Moving the last of my inventory....make an offer if you like any of these boxes and please keep in mind it's almost $20 just to ship one of these out. Box #1 2005 Topps Total=355 2001 Fleer Legacy=69 2006 Fleer Team Leaders=12 2010 Topps 206=299 (there are some SP's included) 2010 Topps=360...
  2. Meliah

    2015 Topps Star Wars Force Awakens Series 1 Wanted!

    Love this set so I'm doing the regular base set and the green, blue and purple parallels along with all the insert sets. SO hard to find these in my local retail stores of late. I think it's because the blaster boxes all have a medallion card in them. Looked a lot and have only managed to...
  3. Meliah

    Anyone have and Sabres or Bills Autos?

    Looking for some for a friend, let me know what you have--thanks!
  4. Meliah

    Looking to sell--many unique cards and items in this thread!

    Getting way too crowded around here and wouldn't mind purging a bit before the holidays. Can provide pictures if you want. Just make an offer if you see something you like and thank you:) Baseball cards Dariel Alvarez 2015 Bowman Chrome Gold Ref Auto 33/50 Josh Gibson 2006 Topps Co-Signers...
  5. Meliah

    Case break of 2015 Panini Stars & Stripes Longevity!

    Will be busting this tonight (at work so hopefully I don't get busy:)) and will have update posts as I get through some boxes each time. It's a 20 box case with each box having 4 GU or autos. Got this case at about $300 less than the going rate so I'm just busting to flip--hoping for some nice...
  6. Meliah

    Help me finish off these 2013 Topps Chipz sets!

    Down to these few, let me know if you have any and what you are looking for in return...thanks! 2013 Topps Chipz Glow in the Dark— J. Upton- P. Fielder 2013 Topps Chipz Gold— A.Chapman-B. Lawrie-M. Kemp-P. Konerko 2013 Topps Chipz Magnet— A. Pujols-C. Hamels-G. Stanton-J. Motte-Melky...
  7. Meliah

    Large Want List..Please Look!

    Found a person, thanks to Trish, that has 5 YSL ( cards we need. This is her want list, if we can get some hits off of here I can trade for those very much needed cards--thanks! Kathy's want lists 7/6/15 **=Pending 2015 Finest #'s 67, 73, 101...
  8. Meliah

    Need help to make the playoffs? Tigers dealing!

    Well, Tigers are not going to make the playoffs this year so I have a few guys I can trade off. First is Stanley Fletcher, acquired him thinking he would solidify my rotation but he's been bad. Numbers are still the same so I guess he just doesn't like Detroit:) Still a 3.5 star SP so I would...
  9. Meliah

    Rodeo Cards 2 Box Break...Yes, I Said Rodeo

    Was at a thrift store today and while browsing the board games I found two boxes tucked away in the corner. They were two sealed boxes of 1996 Crown Jewels Super Premium Rodeo cards. At $1.36 a box you know I had to give it a try. Only a 77 card set so have at least one set I bet, maybe two...
  10. Meliah

    Trade between Marlins and Tigers

    Marlins Trade #1 Marlins get-- ML SP Carlos Castillo 20,890,000 mil X2 and then team option of 21,890,000 mil AA 3B Julian Herrera Minor league contract Tigers trade #1 Tigers get-- ML C Ryan Klein 432k X3 then arb AAA RF Gonzalo Rodriguez Minor league contract AAA SP Albert Webb Minor league...
  11. Meliah

    Tigers trading SP Carlos "Extreme" Castillo 4 star stud SP....but if I want to fill the many gaps on my team I need to free up money and he does make a lot of it. In return I'm looking for good, young and cheap hitters. I have DH open so any position works but I...
  12. Meliah

    2001 Iowa Cubs Line-up Card and Campanella Life Magazine

    Looking to move a 2001 Iowa Cubs (Triple A of the Chicago Cubs) line-up card from August 4th of 2001 against the Edmonton Trappers (Minnesota Twins Triple A team). Also have a July 21, 1958 Life magazine with Roy Campanella on the cover. Will sell unless you have hits to my meager want list:)...
  13. Meliah

    Good Cubs article No matter what happens this season the Cubs will fun to watch with all those talented young guys playing.
  14. Meliah

    Looking for something...maybe I can find it!

    I hit the thrift and resale shops quite often..I'm lucky enough to have a ton in my local area. Over the last year I've seen, or bought, a lot of interesting items so I figured I'd ask my fellow Benchies if they need some help finding something. So, here's the in this thread (do...
  15. Meliah

    Nightcrawler comics?

    Long shot here but I'm interested in any Nightcrawler comics as long as they are in at least good shape. He mostly made appearances in other series', so if he appears in the comic at all I would be interested in it.
  16. Meliah

    Card Want list--and Post Mini Bobbleheads/Dairy Queen helmets

    Looking for hits to my want lists below and 2002-03 Post mini bobbleheads and Dairy Queen sundae helmets. 2001 Studio— 1-2-4-6-9-10-16-19-24-26-27-29-30-31-33-34-43-44-45-46-51-53-57-68-72-75-76-78-79-81-83-84-86-87-90-91-96-100-102-106-107-108-109-112-113-119-130-132-144-147-149 2002...
  17. Meliah

    Welcome our Two Newest Super Collectors!

    Been some time since we've had any new additions:) Rabs--Sean Taylor Collection -387 total cards made including 1/1s -299 total cards made excluding 1/1s -84 total 1/1s -2004 -178 total cards (29 1/1s) -149 total cards excluding 1/1s -I have 118/149 = 76.5% -2005 -140 total cards (44 1/1s)...
  18. Meliah

    Board Games

    My grandmother taught me how to play cards and we also played many board games when I was a kid. Now that my oldest son is old enough we have really been enjoying breaking out the board games and having game nights. Been having a blast playing the classics and also playing many new ones as...
  19. Meliah

    Two Cases of 2013 Topps MLB Chipz

    Got a good price so got two cases. I like the 2014 Chipz as well but the nice thing about the 2013 is there are a lot fewer parallel sets to worry about. Base set--Most likely enough to make 3-4 complete sets, have not gotten around to tackling that task of making the lists yet:) Gold...
  20. Meliah

    Interesting BSL Stat

    My wife was telling me today that my text messaging was very strange, some months it was really high and others it was way below the previous month. Did a little digging and realized it's all Heath's fault--during this current BSL year while trading was still active there were 849 texts between...