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  1. Camsue

    Anybody have any base rc's of Anthony Santander

    Looking for base rookie cards of Anthony Santander my one nephews newest player
  2. Camsue

    Basketball for Trade

    I have the below for trade looking for Mike Trout Base or Adley Rutschman in baseball base I do not collect basketball 1987-88 Fleer #56 Magic Johnson -15.00 1987-88 Fleer Basketball #9 CHARLES BARKLEY -15.00 LARRY BIRD 1987-88 Fleer #11 -20.00 PM works best for the next few days
  3. Camsue

    Need some help Benchies

    Hello Benchies I have a request for my fellow collectors. Does anybody have anything John Cena laying around. I have a neighbor that has fallen on hard times and their 8 year old son is a huge John Cena fan. I just wanted to see if there is anything out there i can grab for him he is a great kid...
  4. Camsue

    9 pocket plastic card holders

    Was there someone here recently trying to sell or trade slightly used 9 pocket pages if so could you please let me know
  5. Camsue

    Looking for Fair value dominguez

    Does anybody have anything Jasson Dominguez at a fair trade value. I do understand that his cards are one of the hottest things in the hobby right now. Just looking for my nephews collection. Thank you for reading Steve
  6. Camsue

    LTTF Trout base only

    Does anybody have some trout base laying around that they dont need. I am trying to add to my Nephews collection for him. During these times he has been going above and beyond with my wife his aunt while i am being stuck for extended hours and 10-12 day stretches at work without even being ask...
  7. Camsue

    Ryne Sandberg

    Found these two sandbergs looking for some trout base in return 1984 fleer #504 1993 national convention cant find a number gold stamp right corner bleachers
  8. Camsue


    I know nothing about hockey but a few months ago i attended an auction and won a large lot. Due to recent events i have been able to go through the boxes finally and i discovered a still in tact except for two packs that has been open hobby box of 92-93 topps premire gold. Any idea what this...
  9. Camsue

    Masters of the Game and Topps Full shot

    Found these secured in a box that i won a few months ago at a auction anybody interested in any of these please let me know they are 5x7 Maters of the Game 1993 Leaf Robin Yount Jose Canseco traded Juan Gonzalez Roberto Alomar Topps full shots John Olerud traded Tom Glavine traded...
  10. Camsue

    2019 Gypsy Queen question

    Am i the only one that can not read the numbers on the back without straining or using a magnifying glass. My wife jokingly got me a pair of readers that are about 2 inches thick as a joke. It maybe my age catching up as well. Just wandering if its just me.
  11. Camsue

    Question for all benchies

    Recently got into a conversation with a co worker and we got on the subject of multi players on one card and we got discussing three player formats my guess for the best three players on one card would be 1966 topps #215 clemente aaron mays. Players have to be active at the same time so that...
  12. Camsue

    2020 Topps tins

    Has there been any good pulls from these tins just curious
  13. Camsue

    upper deck goodwin champions help please

    does anybody know what subscription to beckett i would need to price these i am not sure any help would be appreciated
  14. Camsue

    Mantle inserts for trade

    Have the following Mantle inserts please let me know if interested looking for trout or judge base Mantle CMC 1989 #11 dk 2018 #7 2006 topps basketball 1952 style #7 2011 topps #60yotlc8 2010 topps #7 baseball imortals #145...
  15. Camsue

    Ft rookie s/n autos game used for base trout and 19 Gypsy queen lots

    Have the following for trade looking for low end rookie, base, Inserts of the following Trout(non rookie) , Judge, 2019 Gypsy queen lot more to be added thank you pm works best 2011 Prime Cuts Prospect Signatures #JA Jeff Ames $8.00 2007 TRISTAR Elegance Signature Marks #CP Chris...
  16. Camsue

    Lower end Trout Rookie

    Looking for a lower end Mike Trout rookie please let me know what you have and what you are asking for one of the last three rookies I need to add to my two nephews collection. Thank you
  17. Camsue

    Inventory Question

    I recently purchased a very large collection from three separate collectors. Looking for suggestions on how to inventory this collection. Years are from 73-11. Thanks for any help
  18. Camsue

    Feedback needed

    I began inventorying my TTM'S if you get a chance could you please stop by this site and let me know what you think .Thank you
  19. Camsue

    LTTF Grayson Rodriguez/DL Hall / Yasiel Diaz

    Please let me know what you have and what you are looking for in return.I do not have much new product Just looking for base at this time
  20. Camsue

    Trade delays

    I just wanted to let everybody I am working on a trade with to please bare with me. Over the last three weeks both our cars have needed repaired our electricity in half our house went and wiring needed replaced and to top it off two of my friends that I went through the academy with ended...