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  1. stephj24

    2019 Topps Heritage-huge pull out of a blaster (Nolan Ryan)

    Sister pulled this out of a $20 Target blaster last weekend. This year's Heritage Retail is loaded. The second Red Ink auto we have pulled out of blasters. Also pulled a Mystery Player A Real Ones Auto redemption out of another $20 Target blaster. Nolan Ryan by Stephanie Johnson, on Flickr
  2. stephj24

    Done with 2017 Heritage after this nice pull

    My sister has had a great run of luck in the past week with Heritage. Among some of her better pulls she got got the Bryce Harper SSP Uniform variation (sold for $500 on eBay), a Machado/Frank Robinson dual auto, plus many other Heritage goodies to make all her money back plus profit. Saturday...
  3. stephj24

    2013 Benchies Gift Card Winners!

    Thank you to all those that participated in the Benchies, either through your entries into the contest or by voting for the great cards we had in this year's contest!!! To the winners, we will work on getting your badges added shortly. Here are our $25 gift card winners: Benchies entry...
  4. stephj24

    2013 Benchie Voting is LIVE!

    Voting for the 2013 Benchies is now LIVE!! We have some great entries this year!. This round of voting will be open until midnight EST on Friday November 8th 2013. We do have categories that are one round so please make sure you get those votes in!! Our own David K has graciously agreed to...
  5. stephj24

    2013 Benchie Awards Information Thread

    Welcome to the 2013 Benchie Awards!! Got an amazing card you think is the best? Been grinding out that set and want to share your achievement? This is the contest for you! Directions for submitting your entry: Card must belong in one of the following categories. Please note, your card can only...
  6. stephj24

    BSL trade Yankees/Mets

    Yankees trade: 3B Aramis Ramirez 11.5m 2013, 13.8m 2014, 17.0m 2015 (team option) Mets trade: 3B Russell Branyan 1.4m 2013, 1.8m 2014 P Paul Brown minor league contract Thanks for the trade Mike! Steph
  7. stephj24

    BSL trade Yankees and Tigers

    Yankees trade: SP Juan Guiterez 432k 432k then Arb 1B Hank Blalock 3.3mil 1.5mil 2.5mil then free agent CL Manuel Caballero 2.5mil 4.0mil then free agent SP Ed Behenna AA Minor league contract Tigers trade: SP Erik Bedard 8.1mil 8.5mil 8.9mil then free agent Thanks for the trade Matt :) Steph
  8. stephj24

    BSL Trade Yankees/Cardinals

    The Yankees and the Cardinals announce the following trade between them. Cardinals receive: 1B Ike Davis (AAA)- Minor League Contract Yankees receive: MR Scott Bunn $432k-2012 $432k-2013 $432k-2014 $950k(A)-2015 $950k(A)-2016 $950k(A)-2017 Thanks for the trade Heath! Steph
  9. stephj24

    BSL trade Yankees and Rockies

    Yankees trade: ML 1B Justin Morneau 11.5m (2011) 11.5m (2012) AAA SP Cam Page $648k (2011) $1.9m(A) (2012) $1.9m(A) (2013) $1.9m(A) (2014) Rockies trade: ML SP Gil Meche 8.5m (2011) then free agent ML 1B Hank Blalock 2.7m (2011) 3.3m (2012) Thanks for the trade Pat and Happy Thanksgiving! Steph
  10. stephj24

    BSL trade Yankees and Rockies

    Yankees trade: SP Erik Bedard (2011-9.8 million) SP Myeong-hwan Kim (2011-8.6 million) P Junichi Tazawa (minor league contract) P Chris Tillman (minor league contract) Rockies trade: 2B Martin Prado (2011-2.5 million, 2012-3 million, 2013-3.7 million, 2014- team option 5.6 million) 1B Jose...
  11. stephj24

    2012 Topps Triple Threads Huge Pull (Bryce Harper mojo)

    My sister and I decided to dabble into a box break. It's been a long while since I've busted anything and she practically had to beg me to split the box with her, so glad I did. 2012 Topps Triple Threads Bryce Harper Platinum Autograph Game Used 3/3 :D Steph
  12. stephj24

    BSL Trade Yankees/Braves

    Yankees receive: SP Chris Young 2009- $2.0m 2010- $2.4m Braves receive: C Matt Wieters AAA 2009- $432k 2010- $432k 2011- $432k 2012- $432k 2013- $648k(A) 2014-$648k(A) 2015-$648k(A) Thanks for the trade Vince. Steph
  13. stephj24

    BSL Trade Yankees/Cardinals

    St Louis receives: 3B Lorenzo Perez AAA, minor league contract CL Enrico Santana AAA, minor league contract SP Tim Carter AAA, minor league contract New York receives: SP Rick Vanden Hurk 2009: $432k 2010: $432k 2011: $432k 2012: $432k 2013: $648k(A) 2014:$648k(A) 2015: $648k(A) RF Winston...
  14. stephj24

    Yankees off season tradeables

    The Yankees have the following players that could be heading to new homes this off season: SP Gil Meche TRADED SP Rob Dickerson CL Hong Chih Kuo 3B Ty Wigginton CF Cody Ross RF Cory Hart RF Terry Carter RF Eduardo Garcia The majority of AAA and AA prospects are also available. I would be...
  15. stephj24

    SP Michael Pineda out for season with torn labrum

    Tough break for Pineda. Such a young man and a shame this happened to him. Hopefully he will heal and be back to form per-injury.
  16. stephj24

    Contest for a 2011 Topps Finest Cole Hamels Red Refractor /25

    Must have 20 Bench points to be eligible for this contest. Previous winners of my contests are disqualified (travistrue, GIANTS FAN, grapler135s, CARDMAN2011, who765). Guess who will hit the first home run for tomorrow night's Yankees vs. Orioles game at 7:05EST tomorrow night. In the event...
  17. stephj24

    Yankees trade list

    Yankees have the following players available. Looking for a 5th starter, as well as a catcher. Willing to look at rosters as well. Pitchers SP Rob Dickerson- 3 pitch lefty, major league ready starting pitcher. $648,000 contract this season, arb eligible in the offseason. MR Leonardo Arbulu-...
  18. stephj24

    BSL Trade Yankees/Cardinals

    St Louis sends to New York: Cory Hart Jamey Carroll Kelly Shoppach New York sends to St. Louis: Chris Young Pat Neshek
  19. stephj24

    Yankees trading block

    There were alot of big injuries around the league this sim and the Yankees have some players they could part with. MR Tom Gordon C Michael Barrett 1B/DH Matt Stairs 1B Josh Phelps 2B Jesse Barfield 3B Ty Wigginton RF Juan Encarnacion RF Matt Murton RF Carlos Vargas Also might be willing some...
  20. stephj24

    Yankees looking for new homes

    These guys are looking for new homes: SP Rodrigo Lopez C Michael Barrett RF Carlos Vargas RF Matt Murton 1B/DH Matt Stairs 3B Ty Wigginton Also open to moving all of my minor leaguers as well. Steph