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  1. bfd13

    WTTF: 1970-71 Topps hockey checklist

    I need a 1970-71 Topps hockey checklist, card #132, to complete set. I have plenty of vintage, especially baseball and football, I can offer in trade.
  2. bfd13

    WTTF: Numbered Packers cards

    I'm looking to add to my collection of numbered Packers cards. I have numbered cards from football and baseball teams I can offer in trade.
  3. bfd13

    WTTF: Numbered Green Bay Packers cards

    Looking to add to my collection of numbered Packers cards. Have cards from every team available for trade, but nothing from 2020. Thanks, Dave
  4. bfd13

    WTTF/WTT Joe Mauer 2007 Topps Moments and Milestones

    I’m looking to complete a run of Joe Mauer’s 144 hits from the 2007 Topps Moments and Milestones, with at least one card for each hit. I will list my needs, then cards where I have duplicates if anyone else is working on a set. I have many other cards for trade too. Mauer Moment and Milestone...
  5. bfd13

    Topps chrome colored refactors FT/FS

    I have these Topps Chrome colored refractors available. I don't collect them, so I can be pretty flexible on what I'm getting in return. If someone wants to make a deal for all of them, I'd be open to that too. 2002 gold J.D. Drew 575 2003 John Thomson 235 (389/699) 2005 black Jeremy Harts...
  6. bfd13

    Updated autograph tradelist

    With all of the cancellations due to the virus, I'm not going to have much work the next couple weeks, so I thought I'd post my autograph tradelist. Looking mainly for Twins and Packers, but will gladly look at tradelists. 2019 Garrett Hampson Diamond Kings auto and dual jersey Owen Miller...
  7. bfd13

    WTTF: Minnesota Twins numbered carrds

    Hi. Looking to flesh out my Minnesota Twins numbered card collection. Be glad to look at lists. May also look at other Twins cards too. Thanks, Dave
  8. bfd13

    Dallas Cowboys lot for trade

    Any Cowboys collectors out there? I've been putting aside my Cowboys for several years. I have several hundred Cowboys cards. Most are the major names, Dak and Zeke, Witten, Romo, Aikman, Smith and Irvin and some others. No autos or GU, but many quality inserts, some RC. Looking for a similar...
  9. bfd13

    Anyone collect Kansas City Chiefs?

    I was a big Kansas City Chiefs collector in the 1990s. I worked at their training camp for 17 years. I have thousands of Chiefs cards. I can put together an 800 count box of my duplicates. There will be some stars like Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas, Tony Gonzalez, Len Dawson, etc. I'm not looking...
  10. bfd13

    Atlanta Falcons for trade

    Have these Atlanta Falcons for trade. I will sell if we cant find a trade that works. Matt Ryan list Rookie cards 2008 Topps Chrome blue 2008 Topps Progression x4 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition x2 2008 Press Pass SE 2008 Score Hot Rookies HR-22 x2 2008 UD Football Heroes #179 x2 2008 UD Football...
  11. bfd13

    WTT: Matt Ryan and Atlanta Falcons

    Have these Falcons available: Matt Ryan trade list Rookie cards 2008 Topps Chrome blue 2008 Topps Progression x4 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition x2 2008 Press Pass SE 2008 Score Hot Rookies HR-22 x2 2008 UD Football Heroes #179 x2 2008 UD Football Heroes #180 Numbered cards 2015 Donruss...
  12. bfd13

    Updated autograph trade list

    After some recent trades, I thought I'd update my autograph trade list. Main interests are Twins, Packers and some Brewers and Cubs. 2019 Owen Miller (Padres) – Bowman paper (46/150) Garrett Hampson (Rockies) – Diamond Kings Material Signatures auto/dual patch (grey/white) 2018 Bob Rodgers...
  13. bfd13

    WTTF: Iowa Cubs players

    I'm planning a trip to Des Moines next month and I'm hoping to find some cards of these to get signed. They'll be playing the Round Rock Express, if anyone has cards of their players, I'd be interested too. Here are the I-Cubs players I'm looking for, can be from any card set: Pitchers Adbert...
  14. bfd13

    FT/FS Jo Adell 2018 Topps Heritage Minors auto redemption

    Recently pulled this: Jo Adell 2018 Topps Heritage Minors auto redemption Taking trade and cash offers on it. Only comparables I have on it is there are two on Ebay that are listed around $150. Looking for one or two Hall of Fame autos or GU in exchange for it.
  15. bfd13

    WTTF: Minnesota Twins prospects and minor leaguers

    Hi. Looking for cards of younger players still in the Twins organization that I can get signed at Twinsfest and minor league games. Thanks, Dave
  16. bfd13

    WTT: New York Yankees 175-card lot, mostly RC, inserts, numbered inserts

    Hi. I've been setting aside my Yankees cards for more than a decade. I am now looking to trade them as a lot. There are some good cards, like Jeter and Sano RC, plus a number of other RC and inserts and numbered inserts. Looking for a few certified autographs from all-star caliber players in...
  17. bfd13

    WTTF: Minnesota Twins prospects

    I am planning on attending Twinsfest and I am looking for cards of some of the younger players who will be attending. Here is a list of the guys I am mainly looking for, but I might be open to trading for other guys: Travis Blankenhorn Buddy Boshers Alan Busenitz John Curtiss Zach Duke...
  18. bfd13

    Anyone need 2016 Allen and Ginter? Broke a box

    RELIC Mike Francesa – FSRB-MF (nice blue swatch, possibly from suit jacket?) HIGH NUMBERS 315 Santiago Casilla 319 Yasiel Puig 334 Scott Kazmir 348 Trevor Plouffe Base: 15, 23, 35, 49, 64, 70, 73, 80, 94, 103, 114, 122, 140, 143, 146, 177, 182, 191, 197, 206, 225, 238, 242, 268, 271, 275...
  19. bfd13

    Baseball autographs for trade/sale

    I have these autos for trade. Mainly interested in Twins and Packers but will look at tradelists. Could sell if a trade can't be arranged. Baseball autographs available 2017 Isaiah White – Bowman purple (12/250) 2016 Aaron Northcraft - Bowman 2015 Jesse Hahn – Panini Elite 21st...
  20. bfd13

    Want: Iowa Cubs, Nashville Sounds, Oklahoma City Dodgers

    I am planning to visit some minor league games next month. I am looking for non-signed cards of these players and coaches in hopes of getting them signed. Iowa Cubs: Andury Acevedo, Matt Carasiti, Dylan Floro, Seth Frankoff, Zach Hedges, Casey Kelly, Jack Leathersich, Conor Mullee, Fernando...