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  1. PRosefan1

    How do you block somebody on ebay?

    Trying to block an account from bidding. Cant figure out how.
  2. PRosefan1

    Looking/Trading for 2020 Jim Thome cards.

    Hes got a bunch out this year and Idd like to own them. What you got?
  3. PRosefan1

    WTTF Freddie Freeman rookies.

    I was able to get some Luke Voits so thought Id try again with Freddie Freeman. Yes, I also undervalued him for a long time. Now He's a guy whos rookies I need for my collection. Don't judge me. LOL I'm looking for- 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Draft Picks #BDPP12 Freddie Freeman 2011...
  4. PRosefan1

    2012 Bowman Draft Top Picks Mike Trout FT

    BV is 50.00 Looking to see whats out there for this. Trout Top Picks by Darryl Crum II, on Flickr
  5. PRosefan1

    WTTF 2017 Topps Update and Chrome Update Luke Voit

    Went searching and I don't have any. So, Id like to change that. 2017 Topps Update US281 and 2017 Topps update chrome HMT-36 Base and Parallels welcome.
  6. PRosefan1

    While you were sleeping

    2019 Tatis base rookies jumped to 60.00 2019 topps chrome xfractors went from 60 to 300 Just going from memory, 800 tatis cards jumped 250 soto cards jumped
  7. PRosefan1

    Any Detroit Tiger fans??

    Got this 2020 Bowman chrome mega box green refractor auto Tarik Skubal /99 bv 100.00 Looking to trade for a comparable auto. Preferably a batter or Shane Bieber. Hit me with a list.
  8. PRosefan1

    Looking for 2016 bowman chrome draft Nolan Jones (Indians)

    Id like to add some to my PC. Chrome and Parallels. Autos too. Trading only at this time. bdc-32
  9. PRosefan1

    Need a couple Jake Cronenworth

    Id like to trade for a couple for my PC. Looking for 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft #197 Jake Cronenworth and parallels.
  10. PRosefan1

    MLB debuts

    As of last night, 138 players have made their debut so far in 2020. Wow. More surly to come. If they dont put any in update, series 1 and series 2 will be absolutely loaded. List your favorites to debut this summer so far. Mine: Nick Madrigal Joey Bart Tristan Mckenzie
  11. PRosefan1

    Sneaking suspicion...

    From watching trade boards, MLB, and ebay I think Donovan Solano cards are going to jump pretty soon if they haven't already. They have been flying out of ports on sportlots too. Hardly any rookies left there. I only bring it up now because I bought a couple of the rarer ones last week on my...
  12. PRosefan1

    Found retail!!! Nice rip Bowman, Topps chrome, Optic

    Highlights: 6 packs Topps series 2: 1 Luis Robert base #392, 1 1985 Luis Robert Bowman blaster: roy favorites Kyle Lewis, Base Witt, Base Luis Robert rc Random Optic packs: Luis Robert RR, Lime green prizm Luis Robert RR, Trout DK, Trout all star, Kyle Lewis RR Rated Prospect Prizm: Lutz...
  13. PRosefan1

    Set completed. Thanks everybody

    3 more guys!! 11, 55, 85 *=Pending delivery
  14. PRosefan1

    Shane Bieber

    Shane Bieber ties live ball era record with 27 K's in first two starts of the season combined. Early Cy Young candidate.
  15. PRosefan1

    2020 Topps on demand 3d

    Available on topps site starting today for a week. 20 bucks for 8 cards. Lenticular cards. I bought 1 pack just to check them out.
  16. PRosefan1

    Im giving away a rookie Topps chrome auto. OVER Rhubarb runner is the winner!!

    Heres the contest. Im giving away a rookie autograph from a previous years Topps chrome issue. All you have to do is reply to this post. The winner will be the first person to post with the right avatar of the team this player represents. Easy enough right? So, when you reply, Ill look at your...
  17. PRosefan1

    Beckett is just plain crazy

    The 2020 topps #392 Luis Robert bv went down overnight. From 5 to 4 bucks. Try buying one for that.
  18. PRosefan1

    wttf 1976 Topps #550 Hank Aaron nm-mt and centered

    Would be interested in one of these. Would trade newer stuff to get one. Thanks.
  19. PRosefan1

    Public service announcement

    Backdrop: Topps often inserts advanced stats cards in the middle with the other inserts. At least that has been my experience. My Story: While going through 2020 series 2 base cards helping several members with set needs, I came across two of these cards /300. #527 Kris Davis and #685 Freddy...
  20. PRosefan1

    Please close thread. Thank u DavidK

    Yah I know. So is everybody else. I just need 1. Thanks for your consideration. Dave