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  1. Camsue

    ICHIRO LOT (12) for Sale $3 DLVD <- SOLD

    Yes and thank you
  2. Camsue

    ICHIRO LOT (12) for Sale $3 DLVD <- SOLD

    If you are good will cc please let me know
  3. Camsue

    close thread

    Could you let me know what trouts you have left pm works best until Sunday
  4. Camsue

    Please close!

    I will take them both won’t be home until Sunday if that is ok my friend
  5. Camsue

    Brand new photos of brand new customs!! Check them out!!

    Great stuff as always
  6. Camsue

    Anybody have any base rc's of Anthony Santander

    Looking for base rookie cards of Anthony Santander my one nephews newest player
  7. Camsue

    2020 Topps Fire Preview card Louis Robert RC

    Chief I can do 5 hidden cash if still available
  8. Camsue

    New to The Bench Longtime Collector

    Welcome to the bench
  9. Camsue

    Beckett is just plain crazy

    Lol like Dominguez a few months ago
  10. Camsue

    (re) Introducing Myself

    Welcome back not sure if you remember helping me get started in TTM thank you again
  11. Camsue

    Pokeman question!

    David my nephew has both he puts his more valued ones in the 4 pocket and commons and traders in the 9 hope this helps
  12. Camsue

    bad news from the ophthalmologist today - looking for a little info...

    cmcjr99 my prayers my friend hope and pray the injections work. I lost total vision in my right eye years ago due to an incident at work. I was completly blind for a few days due to the blunt force trauma/injury scariest time of my life luckily my left eye recovered but the right never did. You...
  13. Camsue


    David I had one come from michigan go from michigan to tennessee then to california then back to me in pennsylvania.