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  1. katester44

    What's on your music playlist?

    Going to try to embed the Don Diablo video here. Looks like it should be a walk in the park...
  2. katester44

    What's on your music playlist?

    I am extremely eclectic with my musical choices - almost nothing I won't listen too (mumble rap may be the exception). I probably have a half dozen different "playlists" on my phone through youtube. Hair Metal kicking off with Guns & Roses and Def Leppard. New Wave kicking off with New Order...
  3. katester44

    2020 RIP Thread

    I knew we would get solid insight and information from SM! My only thought/memory on Dean is that I am 99% sure I have a 73/74 Topps card of him totally padded up (forearms, etc.) like a lot of D linemen in the 70's.
  4. katester44

    World Series pick?

    Would prefer to see the Rays win it, but Dodgers in 5. I think they have too much firepower in their lineup. Thought the Rays best chance to win was last night against Kershaw who normally throws up stinkers the further he gets in the playoffs - but he pitched a gem last night.
  5. katester44

    2020 Topps Update Series Baseball Hobby Box 11/06/2020

    Curious to see what the checklist looks like when this is released. Could be decent, or could be a disappointment, depending on what they were able to put together through this season.
  6. katester44

    Question for Baltimore fans

    I never saw one in all my visits to Camden Yards. I only ever visited the BBQ pit out in Left Center - not sure if I even knew there was an actual restaurant? Should have gotten Boog's autograph every time I visited, but only got it once, on a ticket stub, that is stashed away somewhere in the...
  7. katester44

    Baseball to start up on July 23 or 24th......60 game season.

    Down to the final 2 -- Dodgers v. Rays. Have enjoyed the expanded playoffs, will start missing baseball as soon as the World Series is wrapped up. Feel like the Dodgers bats are going to ultimately overwhelm the Rays. But that is why they play the games.
  8. katester44

    2020 RIP Thread

    Add another HOF'r to the RIP list. Fred Dean, former San Diego Charger, passed away a couple days ago.
  9. katester44

    2020 RIP Thread

    My dad just texted me about Morgan. RIP. The list of HOF'rs passing away this year is insane. I feel like going into hibernation - just wake me up on January 1, 2021!
  10. katester44

    2020 RIP Thread

    RIP Eddie Van Halen. Passed away today due to cancer at 65. Amazing guitarist. For the record, I liked the band much better as Van Hagar than Van Halen!
  11. katester44

    Baseball to start up on July 23 or 24th......60 game season.

    Not negativity....speaking facts. I am a Twins fan. The Twins have lost 18 straight playoff games. 2 to the Astros. 3 to the A's. 13 to the Yankees. If I was the Twins organization, I would cross my fingers that I could avoid the Yanks as long as humanly possible in playoff situations...
  12. katester44

    New to this

    Welcome to The Bench!
  13. katester44

    2 Boxes of 2020 Topps A&G

    Great break - congrats! You absolutely killed it with the autos. I didn't buy any A/G this year - but still contemplating building a couple of the insert sets.
  14. katester44

    Baseball to start up on July 23 or 24th......60 game season.

    If they can hang on to 1st place in the central, they won't have to face the Yankees in the opening round. That is the one team they can't seem to figure out in the playoffs. On the NL side, the last 2 WC slots are a mad dash to the finish. Hoping the Phillies can steal 2nd place in the East...
  15. katester44

    2020 RIP Thread

    And just like that, 2020 strikes again -- RIP Gale Sayers, passing away today at age 77. HOF'r with the Bears. My first recollection of him was his portrayal in Brian's Song by Billy Dee Williams.
  16. katester44

    Bench member Polar Bear 67 passed away on Sept 13, 2020.

    Sad news to hear. RIP Terry.
  17. katester44

    Central Pennsylvania Card Shops

    That is good to know - supplies (especially monster boxes) tend to be the toughest thing to find, other than bulk orders online. As for prices going up on newer stuff - that is everywhere....
  18. katester44

    Minor but annoying

    Definitely agree that highest/lowest scores should be dropped and the average of what remains is the trader rating. Allows for a "revenge rating" to not be counted. But do like that everything is now shown in 1/10ths, so you can see it if someone is closer to 4.9 than 5.0.
  19. katester44

    2020 RIP Thread

    Completely agree -- this year can end as quickly as possible as far as I am concerned!! RIP RBG -- all politics aside, she was an extremely influential voice on the Supreme Court since the Clinton Administration.